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Send a Father’s Day Card in Minutes with Paperless Post

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Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re like me, some years it sneaks up too quickly. Instead of trying to get a paper card out to my grandfather for delivery on what most likely will be Monday, I decided to try an online option this year.

You may be thinking a variety of things: Tacky? Cheap? Lazy? That’s OK. You can think all of those things. The good news here is that Paperless Post’s online card options will quickly change your mind! Long gone are the days of online cards that feel like they were the unwanted leftover designs from those name brand card companies. Paperless Post’s 2017 designs and options are modern, fun, and beautiful.

Paperless Post offers online/digital card options for almost any occasion, including Father’s Day. And the process for designing and ordering your card is straight-forward and quick. In 5-10 minutes, you can choose your card design, customize the message, font and packaging, and send off to Dad and/or Grandpa for immediate or future delivery. What I really love about this is that Dad can receive his card ON Father’s Day, rather than the Saturday before or the Monday after. Schedule for delivery on Sunday morning, and Dad will have something celebratory in his inbox to brighten his day!

Sample Paperless Post Designs

I’m including some sample designs below, where you can see your options to choose an online or paper card, an option to add to your favorites to save for later, and the option to customize each side of the card. Also, as you may be able to see from the screenshots, clicking on a design will not take you to a separate page on the website. You can stay in your search results while clicking on the designs that interest you–something that makes navigating web pages much easier and faster, in my opinion!

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Paperless Post DesignsPaperless Post Designs 4Paperless Post Designs 3Paperless Post Designs 2

Design Your Online Card Easily and Beautifully

The process for designing your card is simple:

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  1. Choose your design

Paperless Post Designs

2. Choose your message, font and style

Paperless Post Process 1.5

3. Opt for a return card, if you think your loved one will want to send a thank-you or reply

Paperless Post Process 2

4. Choose your envelope liner design (fun, right?)

Paperless Post Process 5

5. Add the recipient’s name and necessary information for delivery

Paperless Post Process 3

6. Finally, add recipient’s email address for online delivery and review your card design before sending (you can also have a test card sent to your email to proofread). Then, click Send Now!

Paperless Post Process 4

Paperless Post Perks

When I saw how beautiful Paperless Post’s digital card designs were, the additional perks of sending an online card stood out to me even more:

  • Cost: as low as $3-4 per card, which is $2-3 cheaper than paper cards today
  • No Postage: another $$ and time saver! No need to worry about the potential need for more postage and the card being returned to you
  • On-time Delivery: as I mentioned above, you can schedule the delivery time, so your card arrives exactly when you want it to
  • Ease of Saving: After the special event has passed, your loved one can save their online card without losing it in basement storage or worrying about water damage. Their card can be safely stored in their email or other paperless location of their choosing

Throw away your preconceptions about online cards, and browse Paperless Post’s beautiful digital designs here. Whether you are looking to celebrate Dad this Father’s Day, throw a birthday party for your child, or simply send a thank you to a friend, Paperless Post may have exactly what you’re looking for.

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