The Skin Clearing Power of Probiotic Action

Probiotic Action

Probiotic Action

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We hear a growing amount of information about probiotics for gut health and healthy immunity. But, did you know that probiotics can actually support healthy skin? Probiotics are good bacteria that work to fight off disease-inducing bad bacteria by taking their place and scrounging them up. An imbalance of healthy probiotics can lead to the takeover of bacteria that contribute to gut imbalance, immune abnormalities and skin issues, like acne.

While digestion and immunity are typically treated with diet changes, medication and supplements, zits and pimples have more commonly been treated with topical creams and ointments (we all love those drying acne scrubs and toners!). And while these can be helpful, they often treat the symptom but not the root of the issue, like an imbalance of bacteria. Acne is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria clogging our skin’s cells, triggering inflammation and redness, the pimple. What if probiotics actively fought that bacteria and reduced acne frequency and severity?

Probiotic Action, a skincare line with probiotics as its active ingredient, aims to show the power of good bacteria in the fight against acne. Their active ingredient, the probiotic Bacillus subtillus, actively work to “eat up” the dead skin cells and toxins that the acne-causing bacteria, P. acnes, thrive on. Once the excess is gone, P. acnes have nothing to live on and effectively starve. Over time, with the absence of P. acnes activity and excess skin cells clogging pores, the healthy probiotics are given a place to grow and thrive. Ultimately, a healthy balance of probiotics can help fight new acne formation.

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Who Uses Probiotic Action?

We found some bloggers who tried a variety of Probiotic Action products with skin-clearing results. Read their acne stories and take a look at their clear skin after Probiotic Action:

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How Do I Use Probiotic Action?

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Probiotic Action offers single products, as well as complete skin care regimens, including probiotic cleansers, clay masks, probiotic sprays, and moisturizers. Using an entire regimen will mostly likely provide best results, but even trying one product may help reduce the frequency and severity of your acne. Start with the Healthy Balance skin care kit or the Organic Skincare kit with bentonite clay for a comprehensive introduction of probiotics to your skin care routine. You can also choose to start with the probiotic spray that can be used anywhere and anytime on clean skin.

More Benefits of Probiotic Action

Natural skin care is growing in popularity, and there are some topical products that include probiotics. So what makes Probiotic Action better than a probiotic cream?

  • It’s simple ingredients reduce chances of irritation: just Bacillus subtillus and water
  • The probiotics are shelf-stable, meaning they won’t go bad sitting on your shelf
  • The spray can be applied anywhere and at any time
  • The bottles are small and easily portable in your purse or bag
  • The spray itself is colorless and odorless
  • Price point: a complete regimen is just $24.85, with individual products around $8

Where Can I Find Probiotic Action?

Probiotic Action is sold on their website and on Amazon. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates and news.

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