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Baby Proof Your Home Properly


Tips For Properly Baby Proofing Your Home

As a new parent, you already have a lot of new responsibilities hanging over your head. Another one that you are going to have to take on–before your baby learns to crawl and walk–is baby proofing! You would be surprised at how fast this stage will arrive, so it is best to start as early as possible. There will be plenty to do. If you are organized and ahead of the game, you can even baby proof your home before your little one is born. Whatever the situation is, the valuable tips and information can assist you in properly baby proofing your home.

Secure The Furniture

Your first task will be to properly secure the furniture throughout your home. And by furniture, I mean anything from a bookshelf to a dresser. It is highly likely that you have a TV sitting on an entertainment center in the living room, or maybe even in the bedroom. Kids like to climb, crawl, and explore. You want to make sure that all heavy, elevated objects are secured down, so they cannot fall on your child if he of she tries to climb on top of the furniture. Drawers located in a dresser can oftentimes be used as a climbing apparatus, so it is imperative that these are completely secure. A stopper should be installed to prevent drawers from opening.

Properly Secure The Potty

Most parents do not think of the toilet as a dangerous object, but when you factor in the lid, the water and the heavy ceramic bowl, you have a recipe for disaster. Curious children like to explore–and their curiosity usually doesn’t stop at the toilet! Be sure to always keep the lids closed and install lid locks if absolutely necessary.

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Secure Electrical Cords

It may almost be impossible to hide all of the electrical cords located throughout your home. With the number of electronics in today’s homes, you will likely be dealing with piles of cords. Of course, your child probably will not attempt to chew on the cords like a dog, but he or she might give them a few swift tugs. A gentle tug could pull on the cord and cause the attached computer or DVR to fall on top of the child. To prevent this from happening, you can use wire tires to secure all the wires together. Once you do this, you can then take the wall fasteners and secure all the cords to the wall to prevent tugging.

Safeguard Your Cell Phones And Computers

Your child may not be interested in or understand how a computer works at such a young age, but your phone may be a different story. Just about everyone has a cell phone that they keep on their person. Or perhaps you keep yours lying around the home. With all the noises that these phones make, they are likely going to draw your child’s attention. And they may even see you fiddling with it on a daily basis, which will further peak curiosity. You may even download games on your phone and let your child play while you are cooking dinner. Whatever the situation may be, a parental control app is necessary to ensure that your child never explores beyond what is appropriate for them. Even installing a control app on the computer can be a terrific idea as your child gets older. For more information on different types of parental control apps and how they can help protect your child, visit Kidgy.

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Last But Not Least…Be Aware Of Shock Hazards

Most electrical outlets are located at or on ground level, so your child will have quick and easy access to these applications. It is imperative to install outlet covers on all the unused outlets to prevent your child from being shocked or starting a fire by poking a toy into the outlet opening.

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