Book Review: The Parrot’s Great Gift

Parrots Great Gift
  • Book Style: Story Book for kids
  • Reading Level: 2 (Reading With Help due to mid-range length and some difficult vocabulary)
  • Reading Length: 5-7 minutes (FYI – we never account for toddler questions)
  • Illustration: Self-Drawn!
  • Age Target: 2-10 Years of Age
  • Author: Paul Eckert and Baby Falcon Books
  • Author’s Page: Baby Falcon Books
  • Book Purchase Page: $9.99 USD
  • Social Media Links: Facebook

The Story

The Parrot’s Great Gift is a great little story book for kids.  This book’s author is Paul Eckert, and it is published by Baby Falcon Books.  Baby Falcon Books has produced an incredibly interesting book for kids that teaches an important concept: entrepreneurship.

Don’t get me wrong–business can be a boring topic (and that’s especially true for kids).  However, this book isn’t boring at all.  Instead, it contains an engaging story that simply leaves your children with the motivation to do what they love.  They also leave with a sense that they should do what they love for themselves, and that’s the most important lesson of all.

The story focuses on Ara, who is a parrot living in the Amazon Rainforest.  Ara’s parents have a very specific job: singing.  Unfortunately, their “bosses” force them to do so (and for very little in return). When Ara is invited to his best friend’s (Ana the snake) birthday party, he wants to buy a gift for Ana. Sadly, Ara doesn’t have any money, and neither does his family (since they work for the demanding “bosses”).  As a result, Ara decides to sing his friend a song for her birthday.  When he does, he realizes just how great it is to do something he loves without a “boss” forcing him to do so.  From there, we get to see the parrot family’s lives and closeness grow deeper.

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It’s pretty clear how this all alludes to doing what you love and (therefore) starting your own business, isn’t it?  I have to be honest in that I didn’t understand what our author Paul Eckert was doing right up to the last page of the book.  It was then that everything became clear.  No one is hit over the head with the “business” topic. It’s just left there for your little one to absorb, and it’s genius.

The Illustrations

The illustrations inspire an interesting discussion for The Parrot’s Great Gift.  See, there are no illustrations in this book.  Instead, the author has prompted you and your child to draw things on each page in a space provided.  Need a visual to understand what I mean?

Now, what’s so great about this is the impression it’s going to leave on your child.  Simply being able to draw and color in a storybook leaves an impression, and I think it creates a connection with your child through excitement.  I mean, what other story books do they get to color in?

Parrots Great Gift 3

The Verdict

Honestly, if I could have bought this book two years ago (my boy is 4), I would have.  This book is only $9.99 USD, and it will teach your child a set of fantastic lessons that they will use throughout their life. You can give them a jump on understanding how the world of business works, and how pursuing what you love is so important.  As a parent, I absolutely love giving my child this message and I’m sure you will, too.  Head on over to Baby Falcon Books’ The Parrot’s Great Gift and pick it up now!

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