Book Review: Raspberry Sassafras I Am a Cow

Raspberry Sassafras I Am A Cow 2
  • Book Style: Storybook for kids
  • Reading Level: 2 (Reading With Help due to mid-range length and some difficult vocabulary)
  • Reading Length: 12-15 minutes (FYI – we never account for toddler questions)
  • Illustration: Cute as a button, simple as a…something
  • Age Target: 2-8 Years of Age
  • Author: Allison Holland
  • Author’s Page: Allison Holland
  • Book Purchase Page: Lulu – $15.72 USD today, $18.49 USD regular price
  • Social Media Links: N/A

The Story

Raspberry Sassafras: I Am A Cow is the second installment in the fantastic Raspberry Sassafras series of books by Allison Holland.  This is another children‘s book that follows the life of Jane and Raspberry Sassafras.  In case you missed our review of the first Raspberry Sassafras book, here it is.

In I Am a Cow, Raspberry and Jane’s life in the big city continues.  Raspberry clearly gets to eat grass all over the city, and she and Jane also fly over the place.  If you don’t remember the last book, that’s going to sound a bit weird.  Just to catch you up, all cows can fly in this series–therefore, Raspberry can fly.  Got it?

One fateful day, Raspberry and Jane discover a dog park, in which both of them want to go and play.  Sadly, the dogs all ignore Raspberry simply because she’s a cow.  It’s dogism at its worst, people!  Jane and Raspberry go away sad and upset, but they soon return when Raspberry gives the speech of her (and quite frankly most US Presidents’) life.  The magnificent speech teaches every dog and person listening that being different isn’t a bad thing, and the dogs in turn accept Raspberry as their friend.  Hopefully you’ve tuned into the great message this book delivers.

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Racism is a pretty big topic in the world today, and this kid’s book clearly touches on the message that people shouldn’t place negative focus on differences.  I love the fact that Allison (our author) has ensured that this theme is front and center, and I think it’s so incredibly important in our world today.

I mentioned it before, but honestly the speech that Raspberry gives to the dogs (and their owners for that matter) is nothing short of amazing. I promise you that, as a parent, you’ll be laughing your proverbial behind off.  I wish I had written it myself (to be honest), as it’s nothing short of comedic genius.  It touches on everything from fur, frolicking, wagging, poop, tickling, and crying–all in about 3 sentences.

Raspberry Sassafras I Am A Cow 2

I remember this happening to me once…

The Illustrations

The illustrations follow the same path as the first book in the series, and so my comments really haven’t changed.  What I did find is that our author has improved on her illustrations in this second book.

While the illustrations are still very simple and very cute, they are full of great colors, and there is a clear evolution of the characters.  The dogs are especially well drawn, and I find myself reminiscing about Clifford The Big Red Dog as I look at them.  Their faces are really expressive and tell us all about the dogs and their characters.  Have a look below at the picture and focus on the top two dogs.  Yes, they’re simple and cute, but they also have a personality different than simply “dog”.

Raspberry Sassafras I Am A Cow

Looks like my last party. (note: no people)

The Verdict

It’s pretty clear that I love the Raspberry Sassafras series; this second book is no different.  It’s a great little adventure book with a fantastic moral lesson.  The characters are all much improved and the illustrations are as cute as ever.  For $15.72 USD (sale price), this is a steal of a deal that you should go and pick up right now!

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