3 Cool Birthday Party Ideas For Your Teenager

3 Cool Birthday Party Ideas For Your Teenager

3 Cool Birthday Party Ideas For Your Teenager

Need a few cool birthday ideas? Look no further.

As (hopefully) every mother has experienced at least once in their lives, there is a magical moment when all of the hard work and sacrifice translates into that most precious of accolades. No, I’m not talking about hearing the words: “I love you.” This is far, far rarer. I’m talking about hearing the words: “Mom, you’re cool.”

Of course, this elevated praise usually has the shelf life of, oh, about an hour, because the moment you have the gall and audacity to ask your child to do something egregiously unfair and unreasonable — like get off the internet, take out the garbage, or put away their dirty laundry before you call in the hazmat squad — then, alas, your status as a cool mom will be immediately terminated. But oh, what a glorious hour that is!

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To help you experience that elevated status once again, here are four birthday party ideas that will surely enable you to trek over to Cool Mom Country yet again:


  1. Head to the Bowling Alley

If you haven’t been to a bowling alley in decades — or all you know about them is from TV shows and movies — then you’re in for a treat. Today’s bowling alleys aren’t full of stogie-chomping guys nicknamed “Lefty” and “Pal,” and you don’t have to worry about passing out from the rental shoe fumigation spray. They’re more like indoor amusement parks, complete with cool lights, plenty of (relatively healthy) food options, and special lanes and games for kids. It’s like Disney-meets-bowling-alleys.

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  1. Rent a Party Bus

Instead of trying to figure out where to take your hard-to-impress birthday party guests, a party bus combines the journey and the destination. Frankly, you have to see photos of what these things look like from the inside to truly appreciate just how amazing they are. They’re like a club on wheels, complete with state-of-the-art sound and lighting system, fridge, room for a handful to dozens of people (some party bus rental companies have enormous vehicles in their fleet that will amaze you). They’re also surprisingly affordable, and you can pick up and drop off party guests from their door.


  1. Hit a Paint-Your-Own-Pottery (PYOP) Studio

PYOP studios are perfect for birthday parties, especially since the studios supply everything that your party guests need: brushes, stencils, materials, and of course, guidance and support from studio staff on how to create something special. It’s fun, creative and cost-effective. What’s not cool about that?


The Bottom Line

The road to cool mom-hood is difficult and risky. But if you have the right game plan and the will to succeed, then you can make it happen. And why not start with throwing a creative, fun birthday party? Heck, if you use the ideas above, you might actually make it a week before your kid rescinds your cool mom designation. Dare to dream!

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