Pack a Nutritional Punch With These Back to School Lunch Foods

Pack a Nutritional Punch With These Back to School Lunch Foods

Pack a Nutritional Punch With These Back to School Lunch Foods

Try These Nutritious Back to School Lunch Foods

Packing healthy options for back to school lunches can be more challenging than you planned for! Between balancing good nutrition, taste and portability needs, it’s easy to just resort to the standard PB&J with an apple or banana and chips. The good news is that portable, health options that actually taste good are becoming more common. Mix up your child‘s lunch with some of my favorite options below. Each one contains vitamins, minerals, and healthy whole-food components that will fuel your child with balanced nutrition, but without too much sugar, trans fats and fake ingredients:

Daily Greens Half Pints: Get more veggies into your child’s daily diet! Daily Greens Half Pints contain no added sugars and a full 1-2 cups fresh fruits and veg that provide vital nutrients for your child’s health and development. Each flavor also packs a probiotic punch for immune and gut support. Fun flavors include Dragon Power, Green Thing and Carrot Kick. Find these sweet, nutritious drinks at Whole Foods and other health food stores near you

Brad’s Veggie Chips: Finding a healthy chip substitute that your child actually enjoys eating can be nearly impossible! Say goodbye to the impossible now with Brad’s Veggie Chips (yes, the same brand behind Brad’s Kale Chips). Air-crisped (not baked or fried) and packed with veggies, nuts, seeds and healthy oils, Brad’s gives you the opportunity to fit in some extra veggies and healthy fats into your child’s diet–maybe even without them knowing the difference! That’s how good these chips are. Choose from Cheddar, Kale, Red Bell Pepper and Sweet Potato flavors for lots of plant-based, gluten free and non-GMO goodness!

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Mary’s Gone Crackers & Pretzels: Forget white, processed flour and added sugar. Mary’s Gone packs in whole grains and seeds for a healthy, gluten- and dairy-free, non-GMO alternative to chips and pretzels! Full of plant-based protein and healthy fiber, pair these crunchy snacks with cheese slices, hummus, guacamole, or nut butter for a filling, nutritious and perfectly portable snack

Beetology Juices: Are you starting to see a pattern? I love sneaking in more fruits and veggies for kids wherever I can! It can be a battle to get them to eat enough, but between the Daily Greens juices above and Beetology, you’ve got some great variety. These sweet (and Kosher!) juices contain no added sugars but pack a natural sweetness from fresh fruits that your child will love, while delivering the nutritional power of fresh beets in each bottle

Emmy’s Organics Coconut Cookies: Instead of processed, sugar-packed sweets, try these tasty baked goods for a tasty, healthy treat both kids and parents can enjoy. Made with premium organic ingredients like freshly ground ginger and fair trade cocoa powder, these superfood bites are certified organic, gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, and have zero artificial ingredients. Great for an after-school snack or on-the-go grab, Emmy’s flavors include Chocolate Chip, Dark Cacao, Lemon Ginger, Raspberry, Vanilla Bean, and Peanut Butter

Crunchies Snacks: Packed with nutrients and a satisfying crunch, Crunchies’ freeze-dried snacks are an easy way for kids to enjoy their fruits & veggies. Unlike chips and other greasy snack foods, these tasty single-ingredient snacks have zero sugar added and are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher certified. Available in Strawberry Banana, Mango, Beets and more, Crunchies are the perfect size for school lunches and backpacks!

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Cherries: Simple, sweet and tangy, cherries are a simple and delicious solution to your lunch-packing woes. Not only are they a great grab-and-go lunchbox treat, but they’re also loaded with fiber to help kids stay full longer and melatonin to naturally regulate the body’s internal clock and promote a healthy sleep pattern. Additionally, cherries produce only a modest blood sugar elevation, giving them a low glycemic index. This gentle effect on blood sugar paired with fiber can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. The cherry season is almost over, so time to stock up. To ensure this healthy snack is available to kids year-round, simply freeze, dry or can your cherries now. For your reference, check out a couple healthy recipes for grab-and-go cherry treats below:

 Cherry Berry Fruit Leather 
Adapted from Put ’em Up! 

Sweet Cherry Almond Bars 
Adapted from Just So Tasty 

To learn more about the health benefits of cherries, visit or follow @NWCherryGrowers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

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