Book Review: Cats Dreams

Cats Dreams
  • Book Style: Fairy Tales for children
  • Reading Level: 2 (Reading With Help due to mid-range length and some difficult vocabulary)
  • Reading Length: 7-10 minutes (FYI – we never account for toddler questions)
  • Illustration: Various, and usually taken from original works
  • Age Target: 2-8 Years of Age
  • Author: Roberto Zanardo and Sabrina Rosano
  • Author’s Page: Roberto Zanardo and Sabrina Rosano
  • Book Purchase Page: Amazon US – $9.90 USD for Paperback and $2.99 USD for Kindle
  • Social Media Links: N/A

The Story

Cats Dreams is a collection of seven fairy tales for children.  The fairy tales are all short stories that have been re-written in the English language specifically for this book.  Each fairy tale comes from a different background or culture, and each teaches a different lesson or moral to your child.

Probably my favorite thing about this book is simply the length of each of the fairy tales.  The authors have selected fairy tales that are generally cute and short but to the point.  They don’t take a ton of time to read. They’ll keep your little one engaged for the duration of the story.  They’re short enough to be read as a bedtime story to a toddler, but long enough to give each story an identity of its own.

Cats Dreams

Incredible color here!

I like how the stories end abruptly.  Each one delivers an ending in one paragraph (or sometimes less), and what’s more is they all provide a lesson that goes along with them.  Another thing that’s great about the format is that the ending is usually a bit snide or sarcastic. It usually causes both mom and child to giggle.

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Cats Dreams 2

The Illustrations

Now, when we talk about the illustrations in this book, we have to talk about diversity.  Each story has an illustration, and each illustration is coming from a different (original) author.  Roberto and Sabrina have tried to leave that valuable component of the original book intact, and that gives each story a bit of a different look and feel.

When you read through this review, and you consider the three different images, you’ll notice that they’re all very different, each with its very own style.  It’s a nice change from what most children’s books provide: one style type and one illustrator.  It also exposes your little ones to a number of different illustration styles, boosting the valuable learning experience they can gain from reading along.

The Verdict

For the relatively low price of $9.90 USD for a paperback and $2.99 USD for a copy on Kindle, this is a good collection of fairy tales for your little one.  You’re getting seven fairy tales, all from different cultures and backgrounds, and you’re also getting what I would call very original stories.  The illustrations are interesting and diverse, and the stories all have great little lessons contained within them.  If this sounds about right to you, here’s the link to head over and grab your copy of Cats Dreams: Fairy Tales for the Good Night.

Cats Dreams 3

Just look at how unique each drawing is!

Thanks for reading…with your kids!

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