Book Review: The Lazy Leprechaun

The Lazy Leprechaun

The Lazy Leprechaun is a children’s story about a lazy leprechaun named Lanzo.  Lanzo doesn’t want to do any work at all, but he has a very important job.  He has to watch out for trolls from within the leprechaun’s fortress.  Unfortunately, he’s so lazy that he falls asleep each and every night when on duty.  When he does so, he awakes to find trolls all over.  Now, without ruining the ending for you, I can safely state that Lanzo learns a lesson he’ll never forget.

Conor Cassidy has written this story, and what he’s done is produce something with a very important lesson.  If you’ve read my reviews before, you know that I love a good message hidden within a book.  I love that I can teach my child these little pieces of wisdom without actually having to spell it out for him.

What I love about this specific lesson is the fact that it’s not something you see all the time in children’s books.  The lesson can be explained like this:

  • Every job is important and…
  • If you’re going to do a job, you should do it well, no matter what
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Now, I can honestly say I haven’t recently run into another kids book that tries to tackle a topic like this, and I absolutely love that this book goes there.

The Lazy Leprechaun

A picture of me.

I feel I have to point out one other thing about the story. Our author Conor developed a complex character in just a few pages.  You (and your little one) will feel for Lanzo in a number of different ways.  At the start, my little guy told me that he didn’t like Lanzo.  I assume this was because he was so lazy and not a very positive character.  What was interesting was that my child told me he felt bad for Lanzo at the end of the book.  He had actually absorbed everything the author was portraying about Lanzo, and I think that says a lot about Conor’s writing style.

When speaking of the illustrations in this book, I can honestly say that they are unique.  The textured surfaces aren’t something you see in every kids’ book, and I love the depth that this uniqueness provides.  The textures provide depth on the characters and objects (like the chicken below).  Simply put, this kind of detail creates engagement, encouraging your child to (again) absorb more from the story.

The Lazy Leprechaun 2

He’s a foodie, too!

The Lazy Leprechaun is a story book that’s tailor-made for toddlers and young children.  It’s especially well made for children who love castles, trolls, and things from the Medieval ages.  Kids like that will absolutely adore the illustrations, and they’ll both dislike and love Lanzo all in the same sitting.  That’s a lot to get when you’re talking about the cost of a book that’s just $3.93 USD and £2.99 for a Kindle copy and $8.99 and £5.99 for a paperback version.

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Thanks for reading…with your children.

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