Did You Know These Facts About Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Did you know these facts about breast augmentation?

In our New York City practice, we receive our fair share of questions about many different types of surgeries, but perhaps none so much as with breast augmentation. As common as it has become in our society, many of those interested in breast lift surgery are unaware about much of the procedure, from how it is performed to what they need to know before becoming a candidate. In addition, there are some really interesting and amazing facts about breast surgery! Below, we list 7 things that we find fascinating about breast augmentation.


Breast Augmentation: “We’re Number 1!”

Breast augmentation and laser lipo have been one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available.  In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breast augmentation was the most popular surgical procedure performed in 2015, with 279, 143 procedures performed that year by their member surgeons. That number has increased 31% since 2000.

Breast Augmentation is a Medical Procedure

While most people associate breast augmentation with a desire to enhance the breasts for cosmetic purposes alone, the reality is that the surgery is commonly used for medical purposes.  In fact, the first breast augmentation surgeries were performed to correct deformities of the breasts, such as those resulting from tumor removal.

Today, breast augmentation is commonly performed for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.  The goal of reconstructive breast surgery is to restore the breast to a near normal shape, size and appearance. While this may involve several techniques, the insertion of breast implants is often a part of the process.  Breast augmentation can restore the breast following mastectomy, improve asymmetric or tubular breasts, and treat other breast deformities.

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Breast Implants Can Be Inserted Through the Belly Button

It’s true! In what is commonly known as trans-umbilical breast augmentation or TUBA, breast implants can be inserted through the belly button.  While this technique offers the advantage of creating no visible incisions or scarring, it is not as commonly performed as other techniques. There are three incision locations that are more commonly used for the insertion of breast implants: around the areola, in the armpit and within the crease beneath the breast.

You Can’t Go From Small to Large Overnight

Many are looking to go too big too quickly, but the body doesn’t work that way. Your skin needs time to adjust to an increase in size, and augmenting an A cup to a double D in a single procedure just isn’t possible. If your goal is such an increase, it may take years to fully reach that size.

Breasts Are Constantly Changing

Regardless of whether you have surgery or not, your breasts will undoubtedly change shape in your lifetime. Aging, having children, and gaining and/or losing weight all have their effects on breasts. Breasts can lose firmness, sag, droop, and grow. Breast augmentation can increase the size, but there are other procedures that can deal with these various issues, such as a mastoplexy (commonly known as a breast lift) or breast reduction.

Augmentation is Popular for All Ages

Beautiful breasts aren’t just reserved for youth. In fact, they’re attainable at all ages, thanks to breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is not only the top procedure overall among women, it’s also popular at a variety of ages.  According to ASPS 2015 statistics, breast augmentation is the top procedure for patients aged 20 to 29 and 30 to 39.  The procedure ranked number two for patients aged 13-19, and number three for patients aged 40 to 54. It’s important to note that the FDA has deemed that women must be 18 and older to receive saline breast implants, and 22 and older for silicone implants.

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Breast Augmentation Procedures are World Famous

Breast augmentation isn’t just an American thing; it’s popular throughout the world.  According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), the United States had the most breast augmentation surgeries performed in 2015.  However, the surgery was also very popular in other countries like Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Germany and Colombia.


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