5 Surprising Tummy Tuck Benefits

5 Surprising Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

I don’t need to explain to you why getting abdominal fat removed through an ‘easy’ surgical procedure sounds appealing, especially if you are a woman (and, increasingly, a man) living in a culture that glorifies lean, flat stomachs. However, there are still other benefits of getting the popular ‘tummy tuck’ operation that are lesser-known, perks that for some reason or another have not been widely talked about. For this reason, I want to share the most important information individuals pursuing a tummy tuck should know prior to following through with the procedure. As a surgical professional with over 20 years of experience under my belt, I have had plenty of opportunities to witness the incredible results my patients have experienced from a tummy tuck.

1. An Alternative Option – If Diet and Exercise Just Aren’t Cutting It

I can’t stress enough that a tummy tuck—formally referred to as an abdominoplasty—cannot serve as a diet replacement or weight loss tool in and of itself. However, it can be used as a cosmetic support after a person has already attempted standard stomach-sculpting methods.

In some cases (after one or more pregnancies, for instance), diet and exercise may be inadequate on their own of helping you to achieve the flat stomach you desire. This inadequacy occurs when standard methods of stomach-sculpting are incapable of correcting the weakness of your abdominal wall post-pregnancy. And it’s at this point where an abdominoplasty surgery may be an adequate option for you.
In other words, if all else fails, and you are singularly intent on changing the appearance of your stomach, then a tummy tuck might be the procedure for you.

2. No Scars To Be Afraid Of

Although individuals who undergo abdominoplasty surgeries will inevitably have tummy tuck scars on their lower abdomen following the procedure, a competent plastic surgeon may be more than able to help you lessen their visibility. Working with a reputable surgeon, one who will work to close the skin with great care and who has extensive experience performing the procedure, can help to ensure that you receive the least-invasive treatment possible. In addition, there are also scar-fading products (ointments and lotions). And a knowledgeable, reliable abdominoplasty surgeon should be able to offer appropriate guidance for healing and recovery after your procedure. A competent surgeon will also ensure that the scars will appear low enough on your abdomen that they will be relatively easy to hide while wearing underwear and bikini-bottoms.

3. Available in Mini

What you may or may not know is that there are two types of tummy tuck procedures available: a full tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck.

What are the benefits of going for a mini tummy tuck versus a full procedure?
● Shorter recovery time
● Less drastic change
● Smaller incision (and therefore a smaller scar)

Each plastic surgeon tends to have their own guidelines regarding who they will accept as candidates for a mini tummy tuck versus a full procedure, so be sure to speak with your surgeon regarding your eligibility to see if this option may be available for you.

4. Tightening of Skin and Muscle

When an abdominoplasty surgery is performed, the unnecessary skin and fat is removed from your stomach area, and both the abdominal wall and muscles are tightened. It creates an “internal girdle” of sorts, which provides support. This seems to echo medical findings often stated by plastic surgeons about the benefit a tummy tuck can have on posture. Because a tummy tuck has the capability to help strengthen and tighten your abdominal muscles, the back pain or faulty posture individuals with lordosis may experience may improve.

5. No Stretch Marks

Tummy tucks are also a popular and generally effective method for eliminating stretch marks around your lower abdomen. We all get stretch marks somewhere—on our thighs, on our stomachs—but while some may not be upsetting enough to warrant surgical removal, more severe cases as caused by extreme weight loss, aging, or pregnancy can be particularly troublesome.

During the tummy tuck procedure, stretch marks that rest anywhere between your belly button and your pubic area will likely be eliminated or appear much less visible following the surgery. Thus, if you are feeling particularly self-conscious due to stretch marks you have accumulated post-pregnancy or through other life experiences, you may be eligible for this pretty amazing benefit.

If you are unsure about whether you qualify for a tummy tuck, be sure to speak to a knowledgeable surgeon, and let them help you explore the benefits a tummy tuck may offer you.

About the Author:

Dr. Robert Tornambe is a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in New York City. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Dr. Tornambe enjoys teaching people about the fine points of his practice and general surgical procedures.

5 Surprising Tummy Tuck Benefits
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