The Best Fitness Mantra for Mom is to “Keep it Simple”

busy mom

For many years, she has put down her health at the bottom of her priority list. We always find moms all the time complaining about her motherhood in the grocery store, on “mommy blogs,” and in the gym. At this time of year especially, when your kids are heading to the school, life is very hectic, but among all these always remember one thing that motherhood is awesome.

busy mom

Being a mom gives you an excuse to read fairy tales, dig in the dirt, be loud, and have lots of fun with kids. Your motherhood gives you an opportunity to crawl, squat, jump, run after the kids on a regular basis. Motherhood has been an endless well of potential for improvement, but only when you don’t think it as a burden.

Nevertheless being a mom is a challenge and it’s easy to fall into bad habits. But, when we find ourselves thinking this way, it high time to take a step back and think. Our children do have needs, they need us to be healthy and strong, so they can learn from the example we set for them. Obviously, a junk food might quiet the children for a bit, but it’s not the good way.

And what about the gym? Another excuse. You don’t need to head to the gym regularly to stay in shape. As a mom, it is also not feasible for you to keep it in your daily routine. The secret to staying fit is not the treadmills, Bosu balls or any other fitness equipment. It is not even the common phrase for you let’s make fitness fun. Although, the actual manta for mom’s fitness is “keep it simple.”

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Pushups, squats, mountain climbers, pull-ups, crawling, jumping, running, climbing- these exercises are not beneath us. It’s very easy to do all things with your children while they are playing and you all are in the crazy mood. Instead of mourning the fact that you cant join a gym as your child needs your presence at home, you can do all these things and keep yourself in shape.

Along with this, three simple pieces of gym equipment including a pull-up bar, a kettlebell and a jumping rope combined with exercises will surely work. You might even find that you enjoy these simple exercises at home more instead of a regular gym trip. When you’re feeling stressed, bored, or overwhelmed, just ten minutes for each of these exercises is all you need.

Motherhood is a great chance to bring out your creative side. All it requires flexibility and dedication from you, for the wellness of both you and your child.

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