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Improve Your Sleep Tonight

Improve Your Sleep Tonight

Improve Your Sleep Tonight

Improve Your Sleep TONIGHT

America is becoming a country where sleep is a luxury. It’s estimated that up to one out of every three Americans is not getting enough sleep every night, and lack of proper sleep is affecting productivity. Not being fully rested robs people of their mental alertness and ability to function at capacity. A lack of sleep is also linked to an increase in death rates. We’re slowly catching up to Japan as a country that puts work in front of everything else, and we’re suffering as a result.

You can take some steps to guarantee a good night’s sleep. Stop drinking caffeinated beverages too late in the day, and let your body unwind so that you can sleep at a normal hour. Put down the phone, and let emails wait until tomorrow morning. Turn off the TV earlier in the evening even though you may want to binge-watch your favorite show. Make sure your HVAC system runs at a comfortable setting. Reducing high levels of activity and stimulants sooner in the evening can allow your body’s clock to wind down, so that you can get some sleep.

Getting enough sleep is essential for good mental health and productivity. Break the poor habits that keep you up at night, and give yourself the rest you need. Explore the infographic below to learn more about what disrupts your sleep, and how your sleep cycle interruptions can keep you from getting a solid rest. These tips can help you get to bed sooner and help you feel rested each day.


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Improve Your Sleep Tonight

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