Get Your Kids Ready to Move to a New Home

Get Your Kids Ready to Move to a New Home

Get Your Kids Ready to Move to a New Home

Moving to a new home is a lot to handle, especially for kids. It is harder for them to process the change at first, and depending on their age and where you’re moving, you may have to deal with the challenges of changing schools. No matter how old they are, they are likely going to need some of your help when it comes to getting ready for a move. Make sure to visit to change your address when you move.

Talk to Them

The most important thing you can do is talk to your kids. Let them know that you are moving in advance, and listen to their concerns. If they are still young, explain to them what it means, and try to play up the positives. Younger kids will likely take the change in stride, but there will still be an adjustment period. For older kids, they might not be happy with the move, so you’ll just have to give them some time. But the sooner you can start this process, and the more upfront you are with them, the smoother the process will go.

Coordinate With Their School

If you are moving to an area that requires your kids to attend another school, you’re going to want to coordinate this with both of the schools. Let the current school know that your child is leaving, and speak with the new school to get your child enrolled. Coordinating with the schools helps to ensure your kid remains up on their schoolwork, and that the transition runs smoothly. Even if you’re moving close by, and the school situation will remain the same, you’ll want to inform your kid’s current school. That way, if your child has to miss a day or two because of the move, or falls behind on schoolwork, the school will know why.

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Help Them Pack

Packing is the hardest part of moving. If your child is old enough to pack for themselves, they will still likely need your help. Help them go through their things, and see if there is anything they want to get rid of before you move. Coming up with an organization strategy, and showing them how to properly pack a box, are both useful ways you can help your child prepare. For younger kids, you will likely have to do most of the packing yourself, but you can still involve them in the process. Engaging them in moving can let them know what it happening with their things and give them time to adjust to a new norm.

Have Someone Watch Them on the Day of the Move

When you have younger children, it may be difficult to keep track of them on the day of the move. They need a lot of attention, but you will probably have many other things that you need to think about while the professional movers are there. If possible, arrange for someone else to watch your kid on the day of the move. This frees you up to handle the day of the move, and allows you to simply pick your kid up at the end and bring them to their new home. Even if it’s just for a few hours, having one less thing to worry about is always nice when you’re stressed about moving.

Get Yourself Ready

Finally, one of the best ways you can help your kids is by helping yourself. If you stress about the move, or feel disorganized, this will have an impact on your kids. They will sense your stress and come to see moving as a negative experience. And when you’re disorganized, you end up spending more time on things, and therefore have less time for your kids. So take some time to carefully plan out your move and to get things in order. A moving day checklist can be beneficial, as is working with the right moving company. As a mom, we tend to try to do it all, but if we are unorganized, this quickly becomes overwhelming. Get yourself ready first, and then focus on helping out your kids.

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Remember Moving is Hard For Your Kids

During all the stress of the move, we sometimes forget that moving is just as – if not more – stressful for our kids than it is for us. The more you can help them through this process, the better things will be for them. The key is good communication with your kids, to keep yourself organized and to ask for help when you need it. If you can do this, you should find that you are able to get your kids ready to move to a new home, and that everything runs a little smoother.

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