Quality of Life to Improve Mental Health

Healthy People 2020 is about promoting quality of life to improve mental health (Healthy People 2020, n.d.).   Many causes of mental health stem from family issues at home, but lately, I have seen cases caused by concerns that employees have from employers.  These days there are many companies buying smaller companies to make bigger corporations.  When these companies take over, there are many changes that take place. The changes frustrate the old employees and make them feel as if they are not welcome in the new department, making the employee frustrated to the point of resigning.  The new company that has taken over will save on having to pay unemployment benefits and will have the ability to hire new staff for less money.  The employee’s frustration causes increased calls to the employee assistance programs that may lead to the need of a mental health counselor.

It would be an ideal situation for Healthy People 2020 to add something that would help employers work with employees on avoiding bullying tactics and allowing for more family time (Healthy People 2020, n.d.).  Many employers these days demand a 9 hour work day and then some. If you work from home some employers do not respect an employee’s family time by calling the employee at any given time of the day or night.  If you work outside of the home, this will add a commute time into an employee’s day, that makes the job an 11 hour day, leaving very little time for family and sleep.  In today’s economy, both parents are forced to work which makes for a busy family lifestyle juggling schedules for children’s activities due to the cost of living.  The situation becomes difficult causing anxiety and depression.  Sometimes these mental issues when left unresolved have been known to increase the suicide rate.  Many do not speak about this because they are embarrassed; however, it is an important subject that needs to be addressed.  As friends, family, and coworkers that we all are, we need to take the time to really listen and see the signs of help that many have cried out for.  Even if they are not on the spectrum of severe anxiety that causes harm to themselves, it is a terrible thing to suffer silently because the quality of life is decreased and unhealthy.

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