What to do With Photos on Your Phone

What to do with photos on your phone

Do you have way too many photos on your phone? If you answered yes below are some suggestions on what you can do with all those photos. Taking photos has become a lot easier today. People snap images any time they want by just using their cell phone. Moms can capture every precious moment as their children grow up. The days of dropping off film to be developed are over. But now that you have thousands of photos on your cell phone, what are you going to do with them?

What to do with photos on your phone

What to do With Photos on Your Phone

Take Your Phone to Your Local Photo Center and Print Them All

Averaging about 20 cents a photo this sounds like a great idea, however, printing all of them would cost roughly $200. If you just want to preserve the best ones it might take you a while to find them all. Uploading thousands of photos to a computer kiosk takes a long time as well. Printing all your photos would not be a good solution.

Save them on Your Computer or the Cloud

All you need to do is plug your phone into your computer, make a few clicks to get the upload started and walk away. In a couple of hours you will have thousands of memories saved. Go ahead and delete them from your phone. But this doesn’t solve your problem. You still have thousands of photos.  So, now what are you going to do with them?

Email Them to Friends and Family

You have a photo of little Joey sitting on Grandma’s lap. Send her a copy.  You snapped a shot of a beautiful rainbow last month and cousin Amanda loves rainbows. Shoot her an email with the rainbow as an attachment. You went out with the girls Friday night and the waitress took a photo of all of you with your cell phone. Email it to your friends.  We all share our photos with our friends and family, but they are still on our phones.  Those photos you sent are now added to the already thousands of photos on your friends and family’s phones. This doesn’t solve the problem either.

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Share them on Facebook

Everyone has a Facebook page. Moms and Grandparents love to share the latest stories and images of their children and grandchildren. Most people can’t stand the Facebook friends that share dozens and dozens of photos every single day.  Facebook notification: Jane added 24 photos.  Didn’t she just add 50 yesterday? Oh, and she tagged you in 16 of them. Nobody wants to be Jane on Facebook. Sharing your photos on Facebook is another bad idea.

What Should You do With Photos on Your Phone?

Why do we take photos with our phones? The main reason why people take so many photos is to preserve memories. Having them just sit in our cell phones is not the best way to preserve the memories. Back before cell phones we would use a regular camera that took film. Remember those? Then we would drop the film off to get developed or mail it in to a photo center. We were then able to hold those images in our hands and save the best ones in photo albums. Now times have changed and there are better ways to get your photos printed.

CanvasPop offers the best solutions to preserve your favorite photos from your cell phone.  Taking your image and turning it into a beautiful photo pillow is so simple. These pillows look amazing and match any home decor. Your friends and family will be impressed when they see your child‘s face printed on a pillow.  These pillows are American made and so easy to make.  Visit canvaspop.com, scroll down and click on photo pillows, pick your photo, customize your pillow and decorate your home.

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photo pillow

Your pillows will be the perfect personalized touch to any space. After ordering your pillow, CanvasPop can transform your other photos into gorgeous canvas prints for your walls. They use the highest quality canvas available and professional printing technology. Each canvas print is laminated by hand. CanvasPop protects what is important to you ensuring that your memories last a lifetime. Their canvas prints are coated with a protective, scratch-resistant UV laminate, so you don’t have to worry about damage or fading.  They are also hand crafted in the USA and stretched by hand.  Visit CanvasPop today and order your custom pillow and canvas prints.


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