Visiting London with Kids

Visiting London with Kids: Make Your Trip Educational and Fun

Visiting London with kids is a lot of fun because there are so many great things to do in this amazing city. If you want to make the trip educational as well as enjoyable, you also have dozens of options. The perfect formula for this is visiting museums and touring different areas of the historic behemoth of the city. There are so many great routes, notable sites, and interesting museums that you can stick to this program for days.

But don’t forget that kids need to have fun, lest they resent the learning. All major London museums have specialized programs for different age groups where children can do anything from studying microorganisms in microscopes to shooting down pirate ships. There are also kid-oriented educational and entertainment tours. However, you should give your children time to play as well. The best playgrounds are located in the many parks of London.visiting London with kids

Fascinating Tours to Take When Visiting London with Kids

London is a city used to millions of tourists, so there are many programs for you to choose from. A regular guided tour through the most notable historic neighborhoods might be a bit too dull for children. Therefore, you should look for something more adventurous, like:

·         London Ghost Bus Tour
Not only will the kids enjoy an educational ride through a historic route in a period vehicle. They will get a thrill out of the experience as they’ll learn about the most notable haunted spots in London. Sadly, this kind of adventure is only suitable for teens.

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·         Harry Potter Tour
Now, a Harry Potter tour is good for all ages. As long as your kid loves the books and/or movies, they’ll enjoy the experience. You will see all the places in London showed in the movies, visit specialty merchandise shops, and learn about the author’s inspirations for the story. In the meantime, you’ll explore some of the most notorious places in the city. This tour can be a good incentive to have your kids read the books.

·         Treasure Trails
If your kid is fond of treasure hunting, this would be a great way to have them explore some historic sites in London ‘in depth’. The trails are fun for children of all ages and their parents as well. So, use this adventure as an opportunity for bonding.

Visiting London with Kids: Must-See Museums

There’s only one bad thing about London museums. They are too many to explore in a single trip, even if that trip lasts a month. However, some of them are a definite must-see if you want to make the experience as educational as possible.

·         Royal Museums Greenwich
This group of museums includes the National Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark, Queen’s House, and more fascinating attractions than you can imagine. Any child will learn a lot from visiting any of the RMG group and everyone will find something they love.

·         V&A Museum of Childhood
This museum is as educational for parents as it is for kids. While your offspring will enjoy exhibits of toys, fashion, and historical reconstructions of the childhoods past, you will be able to learn how to understand children better. This visit can have a profound positive impact on your relationship.

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·         Science Museum
This museum is perfect for science lovers. Here your kids won’t get bored with long lectures. Instead they’ll get to see and participate in fascinating experiments. They will also learn how science can be applied in real life. The tours for kids are so incredible, this visit can spark a passion that will remain with your child for the rest of their life.

·         London Transport Museum
Nearly every child is fascinated with some mode of transport. Here your kids will learn all they want about their favorite and the hard engineering work that brings those machines to life.

·         Museum of London
In this museum your children will learn many interesting stories about the history of the city. They will be able to see how life was for the Londoners at different times in the past. The museum hosts a variety of specialized exhibits dedicated to various topics and personalities. Note that the history of London tale goes far back into the prehistoric times.

·         Museum of London Docklands
Another museum that will take you on a time-travel to the early 17th century. The museum is located in a 200-year old building that used to be a warehouse and it’s filled with a multitude of valuable historic objects. This place will teach your kids some very important lessons on how life isn’t always fun and kind. Alongside the historical recreation of the 19th century London is also explains the role of the city in slave trade and shows how the poorest residents used to live in the docks.

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Visiting London with kids must be an enjoyable adventure, so be sure to let yourself relax and simply enjoy your time between forays in learning.

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  • Sarah , March 13, 2018

    When we travel, we let the kids chose one thing each day that they can do. That way the trip isn’t dominated by either the kids or the grown ups. We also tend to have fun doing the ‘kids stuff’ anyway, so we never regret it.

  • Lisa , June 15, 2018

    I never find easy to travel with kids, it’s different when they are small, you can control them but now they are 14 and 12 and just have to adjust with what they like and to travel.

  • Cascia Talbert , June 15, 2018

    I travel with my kids all the time, however I’ve never taken them overseas. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa.

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