Are You a Woman with an Image?

I think that women often have an image of themselves based on what we think we should look like or by the titles we hold. Unfortunately, in my opinion, appearance and ‘titles’ can have too much influence on the image a woman develops. I want a woman to have a self-image based more from her character, presence, personality, self-worth and love. Any woman can have gravitas, sometimes she just must develop it. Frequently, our society places too much emphasis on success based on education, degrees obtained, credentials, etc. In addition, for women success is highly intertwined with their appearance.

How often as a woman have you been asked by acquaintances, peers, co-workers, neighborhood or school moms questions such as; what college did you go to? What do you do for work? Where do you live? How many children do you have? Do we need justification to make us feel successful? I don’t think so, but it is common to feel that way. As women, unfortunately we put a lot of emphasis on both how we see ourselves physically or how we think others perceive us. Do we need to have titles or degrees to feel successful or accomplished? Or do we have a beach body to feel attractive? I don’t think women need to look like a fitness model to feel sexy or voluptuous? I don’t want women to feel like they should have to hide under our clothes, or under our own skin. I think we should embrace the beauty within us.

I feel that our mindset or perception of ourselves can cause an absence of emotion or enthusiasm. This ‘negativity’ then overpowers our mind, body and soul. This results in not allowing positive thoughts and energy to allow happiness into our hearts. Women often get stuck in a dangerous self-destructive path. It affects our ability to love, laugh and live. We tend to be so unkind to ourselves and our bodies just because of what we think how others perceive us. Some of us may be lucky to have a beautiful body and some of us must have to work at creating the body we desire. It’s okay to be uniquely different! We should never allow anyone to make us feel unattractive in our own body! In conclusion it is important for women to recognize that all the ‘negative self-talk’ can lead us to believing we’re not worthy of success, love, happiness or a life full of abundance. It is re-learning how to bring positive thinking back into your mind, body and spirit and having gratitude inside your heart and soul.

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Here are a few tips to reconnect and rewire your mind:

Tip One: I challenge you to say three positive things about yourself and your body in the mirror EVERYDAY. (First start with clothing on but once you are comfortable do so while naked)

Tip Two: I WANT you to start your morning with an “I AM STATEMENT” (example “I am beautiful” etc.)

Tip Three: You will give yourself some me time for 10-15 minutes each day. (read a book, listen to an audiobook, listen to a positive podcast, listen to positive affirmations, take a walk, etc.).
(I listen to a podcast as I am walking my dog or while I am on my HIIT run/walk. I also read a book as I am waiting in line to pick up my son from school or I read one chapter in the bath tub). Tip Three can be done if you make the time for yourself to allow yourself the 10-15 minutes.

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Life is full of love, kindness and happiness. You just must look at it from your heart, so open your heart and look at the beauty around you. It will be amazing once you see the world has beauty and love.



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