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Rejuvenate Your Work Space With These 4 Accessories

Rejuvenate Your Work Space With These 4 Accessories

Rejuvenate Your Work Space With These 4 Accessories

Small as it is, your work space says a lot about you. At the same time, the way your table or cubicle is set up can easily affect the way you work and how you handle the stressors thrown at you on a daily basis. From time to time, you’ll need to change up the look and feel of your office to fit your personality, as well as to enhance your productivity and help you deal with stress. Here are a few small work space upgrades that can boost your concentration, productivity and efficiency:

  1. An indoor fountain: Ideally, your office space should shield you from noise and other forms of distraction that can steal your attention from your work. In real life, however, you can’t completely avoid distracting conversations or music from the other people you share your office space with. To work around this, some people listen to ambient sounds that help them keep their focus. Others, however, go the extra mile by bringing a tabletop water feature, like a small fountain, to work. The sight and sound of flowing water from this tiny accessory can drown out unwanted noises without requiring you to use your headset. In addition, the natural noise it produces can be quite soothing, particularly during highly stressful times. If your company has the budget for it, you can suggest getting a bigger fountain that can impress guests and help purify and humidify the air inside your office.
  2. An ergonomic chair: In an office setting, it’s inevitable that you’ll be spending most of your time sitting down. To reduce the pressure on your lower back and to avoid body pain brought about by poor posture, you must have a chair that’s designed to support the rest of your body properly. An ergonomic chair allows you to sit naturally and minimizes the strain and aches that can be caused by sitting for too long. There are many models available commercially, but choose one that provides ample lower back support. Additionally, even if you already have a comfy chair, it’s still a healthy decision to stand up and walk or stretch periodically.
  3. A potted plant: Add color to your desk by taking care of a small plant. This living accessory not only adds a refreshing green spot to your cubicle or table, but it also helps purify the air, alleviates stress and improves concentration. However, since a plant is a living thing, you need to take care of it properly by giving it enough water and, if needed, providing it with enough sunlight. If you have limited space, you can always go with a small succulent or bonsai. You can also pair your potted plant with a small water fountain if you want to give your space a nature-inspired design.
  4. An inspiration board: If your bare and utilitarian work space is making you feel stressed out, then you can make it a bit more homey and lived-in by adding a few of your personal belongings to it. Nothing too fancy or huge. Think simple, like a picture of your family or loved ones, or perhaps a small desktop trinket that speaks about you, your hobbies or your goals. Just make sure that you avoid cluttering up the space, as a disorderly table can have a negative impact on productivity. Add your personal effects to your desk but leave enough space for you to work effectively and efficiently.
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Before you add anything to your table, first check the office rules. You want your items to still be there when you come to work the next day! If you do get the green light, then by all means, decorate away to create a space that encourages productivity, calm, focus and efficiency.

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