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A Mother’s Magazine at your fingertips

Do you ever find yourself looking for a way to connect to other mothers like yourself?
There are many different kinds of Magazines in the store, and that can get overwhelming.
Do you wish you can come across a magazine content in one place, because in reality- who has time to sit and read?
In this new world we live in, Wouldn’t it be nice to go online and find a magazine that can connect to you and in the process give you great content, and it provides powerful resources you can use in your everyday life?
This fantastic magazine is called Healthy Moms Magazine –  the number one health blog for moms it was ranked number #1, you can check it out here.
This magazine has a robust online presence to mothers all over the world. It serves mothers uniquely and lovingly, and it helps them live a simple lifestyle with ease, grace, and happiness.
It gives them the ability to connect and find resources they can use in their own life. If you ever had an idea to blog this is a great place to start. The opportunities here are endless! I am grateful to be part of this fantastic community and magazine! I hope you love the content that you’ll find here and be part of this tremendous movement.
The Founder, Cascia Talbert, is impressive herself: she provides a kind, love and warming welcome to all mothers.
Note from the founder: ” The Healthy Moms Magazine is more than just a health and wellness site. Our talented team of writers, health, and fitness experts, published authors, and moms provide quality content on a wide variety of topics relevant to modern-day moms. Our founder, Cascia Talbert shares her Catholic faith and conservative values on the latest news stories that impact today’s American families in opinion pieces that often trend on social media. Our moms and authors write about positive parenting, healthy pregnancy tips, natural beauty secrets, the latest on fashion trends, how to manage a family budget and save money, personal stories about their Christian faith, preparing simple, healthy meals, and stories about their health and fitness struggles. “

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Rachel Duran

Rachel Duran Still, the founder of Sassy Strong Mom, doesn’t want to be like everyone else. The fitness platform she created isn’t just about losing the weight, it’s a lifestyle. Sassy Mom Fitness is not about a quick fix to weight loss, it’s about the personal and positive growth that will cause a permanent change. Rachel Duran knows all too well about the struggle of dieting. She tried every diet out there, took the pills that claimed great results, and even battled with an eating disorder. But what Duran realized was that improving your health was much more than just dieting and physical appearance; it’s a lifestyle that requires change mentally and spiritually. With personal life experiences from her journey, Rachel Duran is now an advocate for those who want to take that next step and become a better version of themselves. Furthermore, she’s a mind and body coach and a fellow mom that knows the everyday challenges of a chaotic schedule and not taking time for yourself. Duran’s mission with Sassy Strong Mom to empower other moms and teach them how to love their body they are in, and how to take care of it. Not only that but to have fun while doing it and to embrace their sassy and sexy side! SSM (Sassy Strong Mom) is designed to help women take that step and start to take time and focus on themselves. It’s not one size fits all. Sometimes it may just be repeating kind words to yourself in the mirror, or taking time to organize your thoughts and reboot. Becoming emotionally, mentally, and spiritually stronger are all important aspects that the SSM platform recognizes and encourages because it’s not all about the physical fitness and health part. In the end, this platform brings moms alike toward personal growth and self-love. A platform like Sassy Strong Mom makes it so you no longer have to go through your lifestyle change alone and can have access to help at your fingertips.



  1. Billy Nixen August 16, 2018

    Motherhood is an exciting stage of life. It could make us feel overwhelmed and happy at the same time. Having conversation and connection with other mothers will help us feel understood and connected. From cooking to schooling ideas, this magazine could definitely bring new friendships and create bonding among mothers.

  2. Cascia Talbert August 16, 2018

    How do you know? You are not a mother.

  3. Billy Nixen August 22, 2018

    My wife is a mother.

  4. Cascia Talbert August 23, 2018

    Thanks for stopping by.