Baby Names Inspired By The World Cup

The World Cup is well under way.  What team are you rooting for? If you or anyone in your family loves it, it just might be the perfect inspiration for that little bun in your oven!

USA Today put together a list of the Top 50 World Cup players. We’ve helped take a look at their top 5 picks and found names that can honor those players if you are expecting a boy or a girl!

Cristiano Ronaldo

The number one player on their list is the infamous and amazing Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal.  Are you a fan of Cristiano, but also about to have a girl? Cristiana is a great substitute.  Of course, you can always honor the player by not using his name, instead one of his children‘s names, Eva, Mateo or Alana.  He’s a mega-player, and if you or your family are mega-fans, any of these would be great options.

Lionel Messi

Next up on the USA Today list is Lionel Messi from Argentina.  He may be considered by some to be the greatest player of all time.  Certainly he has skills, having scored over 600 goals for club and country.  Lionel is a great name that can be considered for a boy or girl.  Lionel also has three sons, named Thiago, another Mateo and Ciro, which can all be great ways to honor this amazing player.  And considering two World Cup soccer players have sons named Mateo, seems like a name that will only inspire more greatness to come!

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah from Egypt is USA Today’s #3 pick of the top 50 players.  He plays for the Liverpool club, where he has received numerous accolades.  He’s been the top scorer for Egypt and had hopes of taking them far.  Fans of Mohamed may appreciate his daughter’s name, Makka in order to pay homage to this hard-working and tactical player.

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Kevin De Bruyne

Considered one of the smartest players on the planet, Kevin De Bruyne from Belgium is great inspiration for any baby.  He has helped keep Belgium alive in this year’s World Cup.  If you find yourself a fan of this playmaker, the derivative Kevyn can be used for boy or girl.  His son’s name, Mason, can also be considered as a way to show your appreciation to this skilled soccer star.


Last, but certainly not least in this field of players, is Neymar da Silva Santos Junior (who sometimes just goes by Neymar).  He’s a Brazilian soccer sensation with a very unique name.  His name is considered a Brazilian invention, potentially a combination of Netuno and Mar.  This phenomenal striker has a son named Davi, which could be used as a name for a boy or girl.

If World Cup soccer is big at your house, or you think you could be growing a World Cup player, any of these names would be inspired choices.  We’re enjoying watching the action and the drama unfold – we hope you are too!


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