How To Prepare For The Onslaught Of Halloween Candy Coming Your Way

Halloween is here. Soon enough, you’ll have an army of costume-clad children at your door begging for candy you’ve probably already eaten.

After all, Halloween has become a staple in American households and retail stores in more ways than one.

Even wine bars in Missouri have offered to pair your favorite candies with a delectable selection of wines this holiday season. Ever tried to pair wine with candy corn? It’s not easy. But guests are able to sample around six pairings of wine and candy to celebrate the holiday.

Candy, dressing up, partying the night away; it’s no surprise that Halloween has persisted throughout the decades. In fact, humans have been adorning their appearance for over a millennium. The first nail polish even dates back to 3,000 BC where early cosmetics were used in China.

But candy is the highlight of the season and it can wreak havoc on your health in more ways than one.

If you’ve already begun to eat your second bag of candy before Halloween, dentists are telling adults and children alike to slow down.

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