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Standard Time and First Day of School

Most recently I was walking my son to school and noticed after I dropped him off how very hurried everyone was to drop off their precious little ones,  But something happened on the way back to the car,  parents and family members were all on their phone.  Some were texting and walking, others talking to someone, and no one looked at the beautiful sunshine around.  I thought to myself that as parents this is the example we are leaving for our kids.  But today something was different.   Today was the first day of school after the time change for fall back.  The sun was out earlier today, the weather was warm, and everyone got an extra hour of sleep.  Some of the same parents that had been on the phone during daylight savings time were strolling to and from school.  They had pleasant smiles on their faces, they greeted me with a good morning.  I wondered did I go to the right school as these families were different, they were calm and relaxed.

What is so different between daylight savings and standard time?  When you have standard time it is dark earlier right before dinner.  With daylight savings time the days are longer allowing us to do more things and stay up late.  Our lives will pass before us if we continue to run the so-called “rat race” of work.  We do need to work for a living, however, we should choose how we spend our time with our children and family.  The kids are little only for so long and before you know it they are graduating high school and parents are becoming empty nesters.  The feeling of having just one more day with them being little and the things we would do stays in our hearts.  Take a moment today to read a book with your child enjoying the afternoon time before dinner.  Share  what you did in your day and ask your child what did they do today.

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