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How to Find Writing Jobs Online and Earn Money from Home

Writing Jobs Online

Writing from home is a convenient way to earn a little extra money. With commitment, you may even find yourself earning enough to give up your day job.

So, how do you get started? You need to know where to look for legitimate writing jobs online and how to avoid the scams.

Here are the best tips for finding freelance writing jobs.

1. Search for Writing Jobs on Online Freelance Marketplaces

The first place that most freelancers start job hunting is freelance marketplaces. There are at least a dozen different job boards that cater to the freelance community.

There are pros and cons to using job boards and online marketplaces for your job search. The main advantage is the variety of jobs that you can find.

There are thousands of new jobs posted each day. Typical jobs include writing blog articles, website copy, and even detailed eBooks.

Most of these sites require you to create a profile and bid on writing jobs posted from clients located across the globe.

The drawback to using an online job board is that they often charge a commission. If you are only earning a few dollars per article, you may not want someone taking 10% to 20% of your earnings.

The pay can also vary wildly. Beginners may only earn a few dollars for a simple writing project. However, these jobs help you improve your writing skills and find your voice as a writer.

2. Find a Niche Market to Cover That You Already Know

If you are willing to write about any topic that a client requires, you will open yourself up to more freelance writing jobs. Unfortunately, you will also find yourself spending more time researching the topics than writing.

Focus on writing jobs that are related to topics that you already know and love. Cooking, health and fitness, technology, and business are a few of the most common industries covered by freelance writers.

When you write about areas that you find interesting, the work becomes easier. You spend less time searching Google for answers and produce higher quality work.

3. Create a Personal Website and Start Promoting Yourself

Creating a website provides a way to showcase your skills and promote yourself to the world. Instead of reaching out to clients, you get people to visit your site and request your writing skills.

You do not need any previous web design experience to get a professional-looking website up and running. There are many free and low-cost solutions that use drag-and-drop website builders or templates.

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Your site should include a general profile and links to published work. If you have not yet taken any writing jobs, or have only completed ghost-writing projects, write your own articles.

In fact, writing a few articles is a good way to practice before taking your first paid freelance writing jobs. You also retain the rights, as you are not writing for anyone else, allowing you to add the articles to your site and use them as part of your portfolio.

4. Start Writing Guest Blog Posts to Gain More Experience

Besides writing articles that you post on your own site, you can write blog articles that get posted on established sites. While you may not get paid for these blogs, it is another opportunity to gain more experience.

There are hundreds of blogs that need guest bloggers. Remember to focus on the topics that you already know, so that you can write with authority.

After getting a guest post published on another site, link to the article from the portfolio on your personal website.

As these articles are going to be part of your portfolio, ensure that you do your best work. You need to have several articles that help showcase your writing talents.

5. Create a Facebook Page for Additional Promotion

It is important to keep your freelance writing separate from your personal life, which means that you should not solicit freelance writing jobs through your social media accounts.

However, Facebook provides a way to market yourself without using your personal profile. You can create a Facebook Page.

A Facebook Page is separate from personal profiles and business profiles. They are pages dedicated to a specific topic or person.

When creating a page, you need to select what the page is about. In this case, you are the subject. Select “Artist, Brand, or Public Figure” as the topic and then scroll through the drop-down list to select “writer.”

Use this page to post links to your blog posts, guest posts, and any other published work. You can also try to gain more followers by posting tips and advice related to the topics that you cover with your writing.

6. Find a Writing Broker to Obtain Steady Writing Jobs

Writing brokers or job brokers are individuals that offer ongoing work. The broker actively seeks new clients and then hands out assignments to a pool of writers.

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Like using a job board, there are pros and cons to working with a broker. These brokers often take a large cut of the earnings to cover their expenses. They maintain a business seeking clients in need of blog articles or website content.

The earnings from these jobs are often on the low end of the pay scale for freelance writing jobs. However, you get continuous work without needing to seek out new clients. You also rarely need to deal directly with the clients.

7. Join Online Communities Dedicated to Freelancers

Another way to search for writing jobs online is to get advice from other writers. Online communities dedicated to freelancers offer the perfect chance to receive honest tips.

If you need help determining how much you should be getting paid or how to improve your writing, there is no shortage of advice. You can also get tips for searching for jobs or find new writing opportunities.

These communities are available through a variety of platforms. You can find online communities on various social media sites, forums, and other websites.

One important rule to remember is that self promotion is forbidden in most online communities. You cannot use the forums or groups to promote yourself. They simply provide a way to discover more options to search for jobs.

8. Never Stop Searching for New Freelance Writing Jobs

Some writing jobs are ongoing, providing you with a steady stream of income. When you land these types of jobs, it is easy to become complacent and comfortable with your current workload.

Do not stop searching for new jobs. You never know when your current writing job may end.

Diversifying your income is important in any industry, including freelancing. Always try to maintain more than one ongoing project and a revolving door of one-time projects.

When you continue to accept small jobs, you can keep expanding your opportunities. You gain new experiences and improve your skills, allowing you to find even better writing gigs in the future.

Try to apply for several new writing jobs each week. If you want to avoid taking on too much work, search for small writing projects.

9. Know How to Avoid Illegitimate Jobs and Scams

While there are thousands of legitimate writing opportunities, there is an equal number of illegitimate projects, scams, and jobs that you simply want to avoid.

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When searching for jobs, never agree to write a test article or sample for no pay. Your time is still valuable, even when you are just getting started.

If a client requests that you write a 500-word or 1000-word sample article, ensure that you get compensated whether they hire you for the project or not. If they want a free sample of your work, they can simply check out your portfolio.

You should also avoid working for anyone that requests you to copy other content. Plagiarism is widespread and copying someone else’s work is not a good way to work on your writing skills.

While you often need to research topics and rewrite the information that you find, simply rewriting an entire article or eBook is not a legitimate way to earn money.

Last Thoughts on Searching for Jobs as a Freelancer

When you first start accepting writing jobs, do not be surprised by the low rates that you are offered. You may only earn a few dollars for your first projects. However, these low-paying jobs help you gain experience and build up your profile.

Taking low-paying jobs is also a great way to jump start your freelancing career. You gain more experience, improve your skills, and broaden your opportunities.

After a successful job, ask satisfied clients to provide you with a short testimonial. One or two sentences are all that is needed. You may also ask for permission to display their name, organization, and possibly a photo.

Place the testimonials that you obtain on your website. They add credibility to your site, helping you attract more clients.

When you first get started, you may struggle to find quality writing jobs online. Do not give up. If you keep at it, you may eventually start earning a sizable income while writing from the comfort of your own home.

Visit Writing Jobs Online for more information on starting your work from home writing career.

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