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4 Bad Habits You Should Cut Out This Year

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Forming new and healthier habits is a very important part of growing and improving, but if you’re not removing bad habits, you aren’t really getting anywhere. From smoking to nail biting and procrastination, there are so many behaviors that don’t do anything for us. If you committed to cutting out at least one bad habit every quarter, you could get to the end of the year a completely different person. Things like nail biting aren’t the only bad habits we have though, there are so many things we do that are terrible for us and we don’t even know it. What are some habits that we don’t talk about enough but need to be cut out, here are a few ideas!

Stop Texting and Driving

Just because our phones are mobile, doesn’t mean we have to use them literally everywhere, and this is especially true when we’re behind the wheel. Texting and driving makes us extremely reckless, and it endangers not only us and whoever is in the car, but anyone we meet on the road, whether it’s fellow drivers or pedestrians. Anytime we drive and use our phones we create so much risk for injury for other people. If you are at fault for that, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a personal injury lawsuit. People who get injured on the road when it isn’t their fault find themselves with, “expensive medical bills, property loss and financial fears that they would not be able to pay off their accident-related expenses or go back to work,” according to the Mark Rees personal injury lawyer blog. The last thing you want is to be the cause of that just because you couldn’t wait to text when you weren’t driving.

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Stop Texting at Social Events

Nowadays it’s so common to people be sitting across from the dinner table and not actually talk or connect because of our phones. It means people are disconnected from each other, and that’s not a good thing for our society. This year, commit to spending your time around people actually talking to them and listening, instead of letting ourselves get distracted by apps, texts and videos. It’s all about living in the present and being more mindful, and our phones get in the way of that.

Stop Nurturing Stress

I’ve always wondered why stress is something we accept as normal in our daily lives, instead of realizing that it’s an unhealthy state of being that does nothing to help us at all. Stress is terrible for so many reasons, it significantly lowers our quality of life, it erodes our relationships and it actually makes it harder for us to achieve our goals. Interestingly, most people feel like having stress because of a job is just a normal part of life. Some people don’t even know that they are dealing with stress. Stress is a sign that something in your life is out of balance and out of control and you have to manage it. It’s all about implementing measures to manage the stress like meditation, cutting back on coffee and making our schedules more manageable.

Eating Processed Food

Processed food is something we’ve become used to because it’s practically everywhere, but not only does it make weight loss impossible; it sets our health back in so many ways. Our bodies go through a lot to digest processed foods, and processed foods contain a whole lot of sugar, which is also extremely harmful. We can make it so much better for ourselves to opt for plants and meat instead of processed sugars and carbs. Here’s the rule: if you can’t grow it or kill it, don’t eat it.

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It’s still the beginning of the new year, and this is the perfect time to improve on our habits, be more mindful and get away from any behaviors that negatively impact our own lives, and the people around us. All it takes is you making the choice to be better, and committing to small changes little by little.

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