Does CBD Support Immune Health?

CBD Hemp Oil

Have you noticed yourself falling ill frequently, lower energy levels than usual and finding every little task like moving a huge rock mountain? Looking after your health may be difficult in this busy lifestyle and hence falling ill is quite certain. Stressful situations and taking a lot of mental pressure is known to weaken the immune system and more susceptible to various infections. Fortunately, there are a lot of well-proven preventative measures you can adopt to make sure you’re doing the best you can to maintain overall well-being all year round.

CBD and its effect on the immune system

We are well aware of the fact that the endocannabinoid system is responsible for managing most functions in the human body. One of which is our immune response. Cannabinoids such as CBD hemp oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system. When this system is active, it helps our body in bringing itself back into balance, and this process is called Homeostasis. When our body gets in the proper balance, it is more likely to make sure the immune system functions seamlessly, and regulation is occurring time and again.

However, due to the complexity of the immune system, several misconceptions revolve around a weak immune system or getting ill as the weather changes. Individuals suffering from autoimmune diseases, or diseases triggered by inflammation such as HIV/AIDs, or cancer can use cannabinoids as an effective remedy. A hyperactive immune system tends to overreact when coming in contact with common allergies or food, and can even begin to attack the body in response. For instance,  Parkinson’s, arthritis and lupus, are a few autoimmune infections where CBD hemp oil can show promising results.

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Inflammation is often seen as an adverse effect, although it’s a vital immune response to the ongoing infection. Inflammation helps separate the damaged or infected parts of the body, preventing the virus from spreading any further. Therefore, preventing inflammation when it is actually needed can reduce the functioning of the immune system and make people more exposed to the disease. CBD hemp oil can be a great alternative that can balance out the function in the body. CBD can also help reduce the severity of some neurodegenerative diseases like acne, asthma, arthritis, bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, diabetes and many more.

When conducting research about the health effects of CBD on patients with weak immune systems, those suffering with hepatitis B, HIV or, surprisingly, the Ebola, researchers have concluded that the proper administration of CBD hemp oil doesn’t multiply the number of virus cells in the body or the number of other infections that patients catch. In fact, they believe that CBD oil benefits such as its anti-inflammatory properties may reduce the damage that opportunistic infections have on the body.

A Massachusetts-based doctor focusing on the use of medical cannabis, says that regular small doses of CBD oil and cannabis edibles can improve your mood and reduce stress, two factors that have a proven connection to the functioning of the immune system. CBD oil is best for anxiety and decreasing stress levels or even hypertension in users.

As mentioned earlier, complexities like multiple sclerosis and arthritis result in an overactive immune system, but there are few other diseases where the body’s immune system may have deteriorated or would have gone too weak, as is the case of cancer and HIV/AIDS. Although CBD hemp oil is known to have the ability to suppress the immune functions in healthy individuals, recent observations suggest that it can actually strengthen the immune response in individuals with a weak immune functioning but more and in-depth research is needed in this area, but the primary results look quite promising.

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There have been several studies conducted in relation to HIV and CBD. In 2015, one of the studies found that patients with positive HIV status used CBD oil had an increased CD4 immune cell count and lower viral loads as compared to a control group. Similarly, in 2003 a study found that hemp oil could shoot up the T-cell count in HIV patients. You must be wondering what T-cells are? Well, they are an essential part of the immune response as they destroy harmful pathogens. The studies to know the effectiveness of cannabinoids for combating HIV/AIDS have been performed on patients who used CBD and those who consumed the synthetic application of THC called Dronabinol. Although Dronabinol showed an increase in T-cell count, it wasn’t as effective as CBD hemp oil.

At this point when observing CBD oil’s effect on the immune system, it may be too early to conclude whether it is exceptionally the best natural remedy for the body’s immune functioning. As per the current facts and studies, it can be said that CBD can modulate how the immune system works, but its potential benefits or drawbacks are most likely to depend on the circumstances.

For those of you questioning, whether using CBD oil for its anti-inflammatory properties would be of benefit to a healthy individual?  Based on a few current research, it seems as if the application of CBD hemp oil in regard to the immune system is in helping to treat autoimmune diseases.

Individuals who are currently treating their autoimmune diseases using CBD oil would be advised to scrutinize their progress and only under medical professional’s supervision. Hemp oil may facilitate the relief that patients are looking for. However, only time will show how exactly it benefits the body. In the near future, we’ll hopefully be successful in digging out more and in-depth information about the role CBD oil plays in improving the health of body’s immune system and how it can be used to combat a broad spectrum of health conditions.

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