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Transform Your Home’s Exterior, with These Super Simple Ideas!

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We all spend so much time, money and effort into making the interior of our homes look just right. We move things around, swap furniture, change things to match the seasons and even dedicate whole weekends to redecorating! When was the last time you gave the outside of your home a little TLC?

Dust, debris, a grimy path, empty flower beds or sad looking planters…making the outside of your home look pretty seems like hard work. But, is it?

We’ve rounded up some super simple ways you can totally recreate the outside of your home and make it look as welcoming and as fabulous as the inside!

Get some good signage

From beautiful numbers to ornate house name plaques, signage can really give a property a boost. It just makes it look classy and well looked after! Customized parking signs can be useful too, and they are not that expensive.  You get an instant style boost without burning a hole in your wallet. Which is great if you’re on a budget!

Do you need a new front door?

The door to your home says a lot about what’s on the other side. So, you should take a lot of pride in its appearance. If your front door has seen better days, then see if you can paint it to brighten it up a little or get it replaced completely with something that suits your home. Once you have the door sorted, don’t forget your door furniture.

What’s door furniture? I hear you ask. Things like the handles, the locks, door knockers, letter box even a number – any kind of fixtures. Treat yourself to some new ones and it’ll look like a totally new house!

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Don’t forget to add lighting.

Lighting the outside of your home is simple and very cheap! By keeping the outside of your property well lit, you’re not only giving it some much needed style and elegance but it’s also a good security measure. Look at lighting fixtures for either side of your front door, or an over hanging porch light. And don’t forget to add some little solar powered lights between your plants and flowers and maybe even along the garden path. It’ll look magical.

Flower power

If you have a front lawn, then you don’t need me to tell you that you need to keep the lawn look neat and tidy. Adding a splash of color into your front garden or along your garden path with some bright, colorful perennials will ensure that you have color all year round.

If you don’t have a front garden to worry about, then invest in some planters and flower pots and fill them with plenty of color. Don’t forget to keep flower pots on either side of your front door symmetrical for that extra touch of class!

Your windows

Windows can quickly look sad and dated. So get yours cleaned regularly. And, if you have curtains or blinds hanging inside, then they should all look identical from the outside when they’re drawn or closed together.


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