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How to Increase Your Breast Milk Naturally

Breastfeeding Mom

Breastfeeding is said to be the healthiest way to provide your baby with the nutrition they need. However, many women struggle to breastfeed. One common problem new mothers face is that they are unable to produce enough breast milk for their child. Fortunately, an herb known as shatavari can naturally help you increase your breast milk. Keep reading to learn more!

 What is Shatavari?

 Shatavari is a medicinal plant native to India and the Himalayas. It is often used in Ayurvedic practices for the health benefits it can provide. Its healing properties may be due to its high content of bioflavonoids, as well as zinc, calcium, and B vitamins.

 Shatavari is referred to as the “queen of herbs” due to its ability to provide phytoestrogenic properties. These properties can help increase fertility in women and can also increase breast milk production in new moms.

 It is best for women to take shatavari in later stages of pregnancy to ensure their breast milk supply is sufficient when it comes in. However, if women do not take shatavari during pregnancy and find they are not producing enough breast milk, they can also take it as a supplement while nursing to help with production.

 How Does It Work?

 It is believed that shatavari works to increase breast milk production by stimulating the release of prolactin and corticoids, which are responsible for improving both the quality and quantity of breast milk. It also may promote the secretion of steroid hormones that increase breast milk weight and ensure higher yields of breast milk.

 Shatavari is not only recommended for how it can aid in the production of breast milk, it can also boost the overall health of women that are breastfeeding. It boosts the immune system and is helpful in fighting infections. It may also provide relief from common digestive problems like diarrhea, heartburn, and inflammation, as well as may improve mood to prevent postpartum depression.

 Where to Get Shatavari

 Shatavari is available in powdered dietary supplements and capsules. It is recommended to take a 500 mg dose twice a day to aid in breast milk production. For maximum effectiveness, take it with warm milk.

Breastfeeding can be challenging for many new mothers. If you are having trouble creating enough breast milk to feed your baby, try including shatavari in your diet. Then find out how it may support a happier and healthier mother and child.


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