Starlux Glow in the Dark Outdoor Games Get Kids Moving and Off Screens

Starlux Games

Starlux Games offers a new and creative way for kids to get outdoors this summer.

Summer is just around the corner and parents are looking for new and creative ways to get their kids outside and away from screens.  It is also important for kids to interact with each other to develop social skills that they will need as adults.  Fewer adolescents are playing outside than ever before.

A recent report on CNN noted that the average teenager spends up to 9 hours on their tech devices, every single day.

Starlux Glow in the Dark Outdoor Games Get Kids Moving and Off Screens

As a former teacher, this is a familiar tune that Judd King, founder of Starlux Games, knows all too well.

“Finding a way to get kids to unplug isn’t always easy, particularly as they get older. But what if they were able to play a game that was action packed, required strategy and teamwork, sparked imagination and got everyone up and moving?”

That’s the goal of the series of games re-imagined from Starlux Games. Leveraging classic games, but adding elements of strategy and teamwork that get everyone going and glowing… literally! That’s because every game set comes with glow-in-the-dark accessories, adding a fun twist to the action!

Starlux Games offers a fun, engaging way to play outside for birthday parties, sleepovers, family reunions, summer camp, or playtime with family and friends!

Below is more information about the selection of Starlux Games.



Capture the Flag ReduxCAPTURE THE FLAG REDUX is a pulse-pounding party game that transforms any birthday, sleepover or group gathering into an action-packed experience for all ages. With 12 different game modes, to allow anywhere from 4 to 20 players in on the glow-action, the game comes with 25 reusable glow game pieces, including light up bracelets, jail markers and two glowing orbs, which act as the flags! It’s an action filled game with a 70 year old history that the kids, and the rest of the family, will want to play over and over again, creating winning strategies to beat the other team and emerge victorious! Retails for $59.90.

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This team game requires speed, teamwork and a lot of strategy, but the fun is without measure! With 10 ways to play, from Gladiators fighting in the arena to Knights of the Round Table battling their opponents, 2 to 20 players at home can get their hearts racing and bodies moving in this action packed game. Theme based parties from Fortnite to Star Wars become a whole new level of awesome when you add the glowing accessories and game options from the Glow Battle game. Retails for $49.90.


Never did a night time swim on a hot summer evening come more to life than with the addition of a pool game that glows! Play with 2 to 12 or more players, with 10 different game options, from Sharks and Minnows and Marco Polo to Popsicle Pool Freeze Tag. Parents can relax poolside while the kids play, or dive in themselves for an authentically fun experience that every age can enjoy! This game will take any pool party to a whole new level. Starlight Swimming Games Retails for $49.90.

Starlux Games Review

Capture the Flag

The Talbert kids played Capture the Flag Redux over Memorial Day weekend.  Every single piece was in good working order and glowed brightly. My girls ages 22 and 13 were not very impressed and did not enjoy playing the game. However, my boys ages 11, 9 and 8 had a lot of fun.  We had to set up the game in the front yard because our back yard is flooded. I think it would have been better to play it at a park where there is more room to run around.  Unfortunately, the parks around here close at dusk.

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My husband and I divided the kids into two teams, boys against girls. We set the orbs down in the grass and they each had a glow bracelet. After about ten minutes the boys started to get way too competitive and the girls quit the game.  My boys continued to play for another 20 minutes.

If your kids like sports and being competitive Capture the Flag Redux is a good investment. Although, the price is a little high for middle class families.  I would only purchase the game if you knew that your kids would get a lot of use out of it. The game pieces are small.  If you are on a budget you can recreate this game with glow sticks purchased at the dollar store. The idea behind Starlux Games is brilliant but the prices need to be lowered to make them more affordable.

Active Play

Active play is about more than running around getting exercise: it’s about interacting with others and building on skills including cooperation, creativity, strategy and critical thinking, but all done in a fun, engaging way that everyone, of any age, can enjoy.An evening spent with the family and some favorite friends playing a game like these is a memory that will last a lot longer than any time spent staring at a tiny screen. They are video games come to life… real life, that is!

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