How to Pray the Rosary

How to Pray the Rosary

Why We Need to Pray the Rosary

During these dark times we need prayer more than ever. Satan has taken control of the culture here in America. What is wrong according to the bible and the teachings of Jesus has become okay and good. I believe this is the work of Satan or the Antichrist and we are indeed in the Last Times.

Jesus’ return is near but we will not know the exact day. “But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone” (Mk 13:32).” We still need to be prepared and Mary warned us that the end of times is near when she sent messages to Fr. Stefano Gobbi. These messages are published in the book, “To the Priests Our Lady’s Beloved Sons.”

On December 31, 1992 Mary said, “With docility, allow yourselves to be taught by me, beloved children. On this last night of the year, gather together in prayer and in listening to the word of your heavenly Mother, the Prophetess of these last times.”

“Do not spend these hours noisily or in dissipation, but in silence, in recollection, and in contemplation.”

“I have announced to you many times that the end of the times and the coming of Jesus in glory is very near. Now, I want to help you understand the signs described in the Holy Scriptures, which indicate that his glorious return is now close.”

“These signs are clearly indicated in the Gospels, in the letters of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and they are becoming a reality during these years.”

Mary goes on to describe five signs that the end of time is near.

The First Sign

The first sign is the spread of errors, which lead to the loss of faith and to apostasy. She explains that there will be false teachers of the faith.  This is already in our culture today.  People claiming to be Christians believe that teaching our children that it is okay to be attracted to the same sex is the right thing to do.  Many of these same people also claim that it is moral and good for a woman to kill her unborn baby if she isn’t ready to raise a child. They also say that if a teenage boy identifies as a girl he should be allowed in the girl’s locker room and play on girl’s sports teams.  All of this is against Jesus’ teachings and the teachings of the true Christian Church.

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The Second Sign

The second sign described by Mary is the “outbreak of wars and fratricidal struggles, which lead to the prevalence of violence and hatred and a general slackening off of charity, while natural catastrophes, such as epidemics, famines, floods and earthquakes, become more and more frequent.”

The rise of natural disasters and wars are supposed to happen as the end of times draws near.  We have been at war with radical Islamic terrorists since 2001.  There are floods in the  Midwest and massive tornadoes hit in Ohio this year.  Just think about all the big Hurricanes we have had over the past twenty years.  They are getting stronger and more powerful.  These are all signs that Mary told us to look for.

The Third Sign

The third sign is the bloody persecution of the faithful followers of Jesus. Christians are being persecuted all over the world. Most of the countries where it is the most dangerous for Christians today either have an Islamic government or are under Communist rule.

The Fourth Sign

The fourth sign is “the horrible sacrilege, perpetrated by him who sets himself against Christ, the Antichrist.”  Mary explains that this Antichrist will exalt himself against everything that men adore and call God. He will come by the power of Satan and perform false miracles and pretend wonders.

Mary explains further, “One day, you will see in the holy place (probably our churches and places of worship) he who commits the horrible sacrilege.  The prophet Daniel spoke of this.”

“Now from the moment that the daily Sacrifice (the Holy mass) is abolished and the horrible abomination is set up, there shall be one thousand two hundred and ninety days.  Blessed is he who waits with patience and attains one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days.”

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She continues, “The Sacrifice of the Mass renews that which was accomplished by Jesus on Calvary.  By accepting the Protestant doctrine, people will hold that the Mass is not a sacrifice but only a sacred meal, that is to say, a remembrance of that which Jesus did at his Last Supper.”

Mary is saying that the Protestant doctrine will take over the faithful and the Holy Mass will be suppressed for three and a half years. Catholics still celebrate Mass every single day. I don’t believe we have witnessed the fourth sign yet.

The Fifth Sign

The fifth sign consists in extraordinary phenomena, which occur in the skies. Mary states, “The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; and the stars will fall from the sky; and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.” We have not reached the fifth sign yet.

The Rosary is our weapon against the evil of the Devil and with Mary’s intersession she can protect us during these last times.  The closer we get to the end of times the stronger the Devil will be.  We need to pray the Rosary every single day.

How to Pray the Rosary According to Loyola Press

“In his 2002 apostolic letter Rosary of the Virgin Mary, Pope John Paul II (Saint John Paul II) wrote that the Rosary could take on a variety of legitimate forms adapted to different spiritual traditions and different Christian communities. ‘What is really important,’ he said, ‘is that the Rosary should always be seen and experienced as a path of contemplation.’ ”

“The rosary consists of a string of beads and a crucifix.  To pray the Rosary, we hold the crucifix in our hands as we pray the Sign of the Cross and the Apostles’ Creed.”

“Following the crucifix is a single bead, a set of three beads, and another single bead.  We pray the Lord’s Prayer as we hold the first single bead and a Hail Mary at each bead in the set of three that follows.  Then we pray the Glory Be to the Father.  On the next single bead, we think about the first mystery and pray the Lord’s Prayer.”

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“There are five decades, or sets of ten beads.  We pray a Hail Mary on each bead of a decade as we reflect on a particular mystery in the end of each set.  Between decades is a single bead on which we think about the next mystery and pray the Lord’s Prayer.  In some places it is traditional to pray the Hail Holy Queen after the last decade.  We end by holding the crucifix as we pray the Sign of the Cross.” Excerpt taken from Catholic Prayer for Catholic Families.

How to Pray the Rosary
Image courtesy of Loyola Press

The Mysteries of the Rosary

“When we pray the Rosary, we reflect on the mysteries or special events in the lives of Jesus and Mary.  Mary is Jesus’ mother and our mother- the Mother of the Church.  When we pray the Rosary, we walk with Mary through certain events in Jesus’ life.  Some of the events are happy, some are exciting, and others are sad, just as events in our lives are.”

The Church has traditionally used three sets of mysteries- the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries.  In 2002 Saint John Paul II instituted the first changes o the Rosary in nearly 500 years.  He added a fourth set of mysteries, called the Mysteries of Light or the Luminous Mysteries, to the Rosary.  These new mysteries focus on the public life of Jesus.  They include his baptism, his first miracle, his proclamation of the Kingdom of God, the Transfiguration, and the institution of the Eucharist.”

“According to the suggestion of Pope John Paul II, the four sets of mysteries might be prayed on the following days:

  • the Joyful Mysteries (on Monday and Saturday)
  • the Sorrowful Mysteries (on Tuesday and Friday)
  • the Glorious Mysteries (on Wednesday and Sunday)
  • the Luminous Mysteries (on Thursday)”

Excerpt taken from Catholic Prayer for Catholic Families.


The Mysteries of the Rosary

Pray the Rosary every day alone or with your family. Explain to your children why we pray the Rosary and how Mary can help us with our prayers.

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