The Fanny Factory Encourages Everyone to #BringBackThePack this Summer

Fanny Factory

The fanny pack, also known as a belt bag or belly bag is a small pouch worn around the waist with a belted strap. Fanny packs are secured with a buckle. Sometimes the straps have tri-glide slides which makes them easy to adjust to fit.

History of the Fanny Pack

Fanny packs have been historically warn in the front so people could protect themselves from thieves. Bags attached to belts have been warn for centuries. The Native American buffalo pouch was used instead of sewing pockets into clothing. Buffalo pouches were also warn on the wrist and around the neck.  In Medieval Europe a belt pouch was warn before clothing had pockets.  The Scottish sporran is another belted pouch that is still used today because kilts do not have pockets.

A more modern fanny pack was introduced in the 1980’s.  These packs were made from synthetic materials and increased in popularity in the 1990’s.

My Experience with Fanny Packs

When I was a kid growing up in the 1980’s and 90’s, everyone had a fanny pack.  If you were heading out to an amusement park or another crowded place you took your fanny pack with you.  They were convenient and easy to put on and take off.  All you needed to do was strap it around your waist and snap the buckle.

Back then most fanny packs had one or two pouches for your valuables. You had a place for your wallet or money and another one for your car keys. We didn’t have cell phones in the 80’s and 90’s, so two pouches was enough.

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Fanny Packs in 2019

Fast forward to today.  Our lives are much more busier than they were in the 1980’s and 90’s.  We are always on the go and need everything to be ready for us now.  We rely on technology in order to get through the day. Our calendars are on our cell phones.  We have to create a schedule because our time is precious.

Along with organizing our time we need our things organized. Busy moms have cell phones, car keys, snacks for the kids, band aids, sunscreen, bug spray and anything we might need while out with our kids.  The big “mom bag” is bulky, heavy and just out of style. We need something smaller, hip and convenient.

The Fanny Factory understands our needs and has introduced a new line of stylish and affordable fanny packs.

“The fanny pack is probably the most polarizing fashion accessory out there. Visions of embarrassing parentals come to mind at the very mention. But the fanny pack can be more than your dad’s conveniently functional Disneyland accessory. It can be cool, cute, fun and even fancy.

Here at Fanny Factory, we’re reclaiming the fanny pack by taking its best features and making them better. And then punching up the style factor with awesome trendy patterns and prints.

Wear a fanny pack and enjoy:

  • Convenience. Fanny packs let you live the hands-free life by awesomely strapping around your waist or your upper body. Your body does the carrying for you. Just ZIP, CLIP and GO! #Freedom
  • Efficiency. Get at your stuff easily with one hand – no more digging around the depths of your purse for your keys. Plus with our 5 separate zipped compartments, everything has its own place and you can easily organize.
  • Comfort. Our fanny packs are lightweight and sit easily on the body. Hot weather and crowds are no match for the fanny pack!
  • Security. Fanny Factory straps have a side-release buckle so you’re extra secure (no one can sneak up on you from behind to unclip your fanny!)
  • Fabulosity. This may not 100% be a word, but it’s a thing. When you rock a Fanny Factory fanny pack you are making a bold and fabulous fashion statement. You go girl. #OnFleek,”
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What I Love About Fanny Factory Fanny Packs

They are the perfect size.

I can carry everything I need, money, credit cards, cell phone and emergency items for my kids. Fanny Factory fanny packs have four different pockets to organize all my things. But, it isn’t big and bulky like backpacks are.

The Fanny Factory has cute styles.

Fanny Factory fanny packs are made from a durable water-resistant fabric.  They also come in a variety of bright prints.

They are high quality.

Fanny Factory fanny packs come with premium YKK zippers and a YKK buckle, plus 600D polyester fabric that’s both water-resistant and washable.

Fanny Factory fanny packs are lightweight and comfortable.

I use my Fanny Factory fanny pack when I go out for a run. I place my cell phone in the front pocket and off I go.  It is light and secure around my waist.

They are affordable. 

You can purchase a Fanny Factory fanny pack for only $20 at  They also offer free shipping. Healthy Moms Mag readers can get 25% off by using the promo code MOM at checkout.

You can also follow the Fanny Factory on Instagram @fannyfactory. Post your Instagram photos of you with your fanny pack using the hashtag #ShowUsYourFanny.

We are also giving away a free fanny pack to one lucky Healthy Moms Mag reader. Enter through Rafflecopter below.

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