6 Surprising Health Benefits of Hypnotism for Children


The use of hypnotism as a form of psychological treatment dates back to the early 18th century. Since then, it has grown into an effective, non-invasive treatment for children and adults alike.

While it might seem like a magic trick, hypnotism is a proven treatment that can help children with a variety of psychological symptoms. Read on for our list of the 6 surprising health benefits of hypnotism in children.

What is Hypnotism?

Hypnosis involves temporarily placing a person into an involuntary state of consciousness, in which they become highly responsive to direction and/or suggestions. It is a non-invasive procedure that can treat a variety of anxieties and harmful behaviors, often yielding very positive results.

Health Benefits of Hypnotism for Children

While hypnotism can be a very effective treatment for symptoms in adults, it is especially useful as children’s therapy. This is because children can often have trouble dealing with traditional methods of therapy.

Hypnotism can bring children into an acute state of awareness, opening them up to positive suggestions and affirmations. This can offer a variety of benefits during the most crucial stages of learning and development.

1. Treats Anxiety

Using hypnosis for anxiety treatment can be a very effective approach for a wide range of symptoms and disorders. Our anxieties come from a knee-jerk response in our psyche to a specific situation or stimuli; this is especially true for children.

Unlike adults, who are fully developed mentally, it can be much more difficult to “train” these reactions out of children using traditional therapy methods. Children often have difficulty understanding their emotions and how to process them in a healthy way. As a result, they can have a hard time learning how to get past these anxieties on their own.

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Rather than trying to teach them conscious behaviors to overcome anxiety, such as breathing exercises and other coping mechanisms, hypnotism instills a subconscious response in the child. That way, they are changing their body’s natural reactions to such stimuli without the stress and confusion of dealing with therapy.

Hypnotism can help with a variety of symptoms and anxiety disorders, including the following:

  • Social anxiety disorders, which can cause the child to feel anxious, shy, and withdrawn. These emotions can have a negative effect on their future social interactions. Hypnotism can teach them how to stay calm and confident in social situations.
  • Severe phobias, such as swimming, food, needs, and school. If the phobia has a significant impact on their socialization, learning, and development, hypnotism can train the child to get past these fears.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from death, burglary, or other traumatic events in the child’s life. These events can have a significant impact on a child’s life and may be difficult for them to cope with on their own. Using hypnotism can help them feel less afraid and anxious in their daily lives.
  • Performance anxiety from tests and other academic projects, stage fright, or sporting events. Hypnotism can leave a child more relaxed and able to perform in these situations.
  • Depression and depressive episodes, which can be especially devastating in children and young adults. Hypnotism can help boost their self-esteem and improve their mood in general.

Even in adults, anxiety symptoms are a difficult thing to conquer. They can leave us paralyzed with fear, severely depressed, and generally unable to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

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While adults are able to recognize these symptoms, children are often less able to understand them. This is why using hypnotism may be a more beneficial way to help them overcome anxiety-related symptoms and disorders.

2. Aids Development

As they grow into adolescence and adulthood, there are a number of challenges that children could be faced with. If they find themselves stuck on one or more of these stages of development, they could have a lot of difficulties.

By treating the anxieties, compulsive behaviors, and fears associated with their childhood, hypnosis can help children develop into healthy adults who are free from these symptoms. Even in severe cases, hypnosis can significantly improve the outlook.

3. Helps with Eating Disorders

If a child refuses to eat, this can be very problematic for their growth and development. They need the right nutrients during these crucial years of development and could face severe consequences if they don’t get the proper nutrition.

On the other hand, if a child is overeating, this behavior can very easily carry into adulthood. As a result, they could face many challenges, including obesity and a generally unhealthy relationship with food.

Hypnotism can be a very effective approach to overcoming these unhealthy eating habits in children. By overcoming them early, they face a much better chance of staying healthy as adults.

4. Can Treat Compulsive Behaviors

During early development, children are vulnerable to a number of bad habits and other behaviors that can impact their growth into adolescence and adulthood. These can range in severity and may lead the child to develop other behaviors and social anxieties.

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A child can have difficulty overcoming these or even understanding that it’s harmful to do them. This can get in the way of their future mental and social development.

Here are a few examples of compulsive behaviors that are treatable with hypnosis:

  • Bedwetting
  • Thumb sucking
  • Nose picking
  • Nail-biting
  • Hair pulling
  • Skin picking

Hypnosis can present an effective treatment towards overcoming these compulsive behaviors. While they are not life-threatening by any means, they could severely impact their growth and may require treatment.

5. Improves Family Dynamic

In many cases, hypnotism can help with the overall dynamic of the child and their family. It can help foster positive thoughts and emotions associated with the child’s family, which may lead to a reduction in mood swings and other behaviors that can place stress on the family’s relationship.

6. Helps with Sleep Issues

Sleep is an incredibly important aspect of a child’s development. If they are having trouble sleeping, or even showing signs of insomnia, the results can be very harmful.

Hypnosis can get to the root of sleep issues in children and help them get past it, allowing them to develop into healthy adults.

Final Thoughts

Hypnotism isn’t black magic and it’s not harmful to children. In fact, it can offer a lot of amazing benefits. If you’re battling any psychological issues with your child, it could be a very effective treatment.

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