Makeup for Moms: The Top Makeup Essentials Every Mom Needs

In 2018 the U.S. beauty industry reached $18.8 billion in sales.

With that much spent on beauty products, don’t you want to be sure you’re getting the best products available, like this amazing under eye concealer?

However, when you’re a mom, it can often feel like you have no time to spend deciding what makeup products are best for you. Heck, you barely even have time to apply the makeup you already own sometimes there is when the idea of getting a cosmetic tattoo apears, but before you do that you need to discover this amazing cosmetic tattoo insurance & Insurance.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 absolute makeup essentials for every mom, so that you can be sure you’re always stocked up with must-have makeup products. If you’re interested in what makeup products are necessities for every mom, take a look at our list below!

1. The First of Makeup Essentials: Foundation

Foundation is called foundation for a reason—it’s the foundation on which you build the rest of your makeup routine, so you want to make sure you’re finding the perfect fit when it comes to this product.

Foundations can be a bit tricky, but with a bit of trial and error you’ll find one that matches all your needs. You can get foundations in liquid forms, sticks, and even powders nowadays.

Foundation is important for creating a smooth finish and hiding any uneven skin texture or wrinkles, which can be something that may be important to moms as they get older.

2. Botanical Oils

Botanical oils have completely changed the way I do makeup, and they can revolutionize your beauty routine as well!

Botanical oils calm the skin and hydrate it, all while often having nice smells and a refreshing feel. There are a variety of different oils you can choose from, depending on any effects you may desire from them.

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Tea tree, for example, is good for spot treating any acne or inflammation and can be dabbed on before makeup application because it will dry without leaving any residue.

My personal favorite is rosehip oil. I apply it in the morning in place of a moisturizer, and it works wonders. It softens my skin and makes makeup application, especially primer and foundation, so much smoother and easier. I can’t recommend it enough!

3. Under-Eye Concealer

I’m sure as mom, you’re probably not getting as much sleep as you’d like to. As much as we all love our kiddos, they can make getting rest at night difficult at times.

That’s why under-eye concealer is a makeup essential for any mom. You can get it in a variety of textures, from light weight to a more full coverage.

It’s important to get a concealer specifically for the under-eyes because the skin there is more tender and prone to breaking, which is what causes dark circles underneath the eyes to begin with. Under-eye concealers are tailored to be gentler to avoid any skin breakage that could occur with a normal concealer.

4. An Easy Go-To: Mascara

This one should be a basic in any mom’s makeup collection, but if it’s not in yours yet, go out and get yourself some mascara!

Mascara is such an easy way to define your eyes.

Not to mention, there are so many different kinds of mascara. Want longer lashes? There’s a mascara for that. Want chunky eyelashes? There’s a mascara for that. Want cat-eye eyelashes? There’s a mascara for that!

If you’re feeling drained from mom duties, wearing mascara is an easy way to bring some life to your face. Plus, it only takes like 2 minutes to apply!

5. BB Cream

Some days you may feel like you don’t have time to put on a full face of foundation.

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That’s where BB cream comes in.

A BB cream will provide you with moisturizing, a bit of color, and a whole lot of extra time!

BB creams rub in like a lotion or primer would, but most offer a much more light-weight feel than foundations and are less time consuming to even out. Many BB creams also include SPF—double win!

6. Foundation Brush

A good foundation brush is key to clean and smooth foundation application. Though it might be tempting to use your fingers to spread foundation, it can transfer a lot of oils and bacteria present on your finger tips.

As a mom, chances are you’ve dealt with your kiddos rummaging through your makeup. In that case, buy a few cheap brushes from the dollar tree for when they want to play makeup with you. You get to use your nice brushes, but you still have a cute little set for your children to play with!

7. A Must: Translucent Powder

I recently got my own mom obsessed with translucent powder, and I am thankful I did!

Translucent powder is perfect for creating a matte finish after you apply your foundation without adding any extra color. If you’re running late and only have time to apply moisturizer and not foundation, this powder is still perfect to dab on in order to control shine during the day.

8. Brow Gel

I don’t know why they say eyes are the window to the soul—it’s definitely your eyebrows! They are one of the most expressive parts of your face, and how you style them can totally change how your makeup looks.

My favorite item for the past few years has been my brow gel because it fills in my eyebrows well, and I don’t have to go through the pain of filling them in with pencil.

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If you’re going for a more natural look (and let’s face it, when you’re in mom-mode, you usually don’t have time for glam looks), a brow gel is going to be your best friend.

9. Tweezers

If you don’t have time to fill in your brows, make sure you have a pair of tweezers handy to make sure they’re in tip-top shape otherwise!

Even a single hair can throw off the dynamic of your brow, which makes tweezers one of our go-to makeup basics.

Remember when tweezing though: your eyebrows are sisters, not twins! They don’t have to be identical, and trying to get them exactly the same will only lead to a lot of frustration, so you may even want to consider eyebrow microblading .

10. Makeup Essential: Lip Stains

If you haven’t become a lip stain fan yet, now’s the time! Lip stains are super great for moms on the go! You can apply at the start of the day and have long-lasting color throughout the day. No reapplication or constant touch ups necessary!

There are tons of different lip stains available, from glossy to matte, so you can definitely find one that fits your preferences.

 Have Fun!

Makeup shouldn’t be a chore. It’s meant to make you feel good about yourself, whether that means spending an hour on it every day or only 5 minutes!

I know that being a mom can make fitting makeup into your already busy schedule pretty difficult, but hopefully these makeup essentials will make your makeup routine a bit easier every day!

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