Top Summer 2019 Fashion Trends: What to Shop For and Wear This Summer

summer 2019 fashion trends

Are you feeling overwhelmed by extra-long trend reports? We know you’re tired after clicking through never-ending slide shows of swimsuits and shoe shapes. It’s time to make your list of summer 2019 fashion trends a simple, easy, and resourceful one.

Look no further! This guide is here to give you ideas of how to style pieces and where to shop for the latest trends. Consider this your top fashion cheat sheet for this summer and beyond!

The California Look

It doesn’t take much to nail a boho or hippie look, but these summer fashion trends are almost impossible without understanding the roots of them. California is notorious for its cool, calm vibe and the top summer 2019 trends embody just that. These looks are best served with a side of sunny, blue skies — a true West Coast aesthetic. We recommend checking out DOMINILEATHER to improve your fashion style.

Think bucket hats, racerback tanks, or anything with a psychedelic look a.k.a tie-dye. You can snag a Hawaiian shirt in Etsy shops or even in beachside stalls for more affordable options. Or polish up your look with denim cut-off shorts, vintage sneakers and fashionable enamel pins from this pin factory to pull off a beach bum style.

You don’t have to go full-on hippie to recreate the look, either. You’ll find more of these SoCal moments on the runways of Chloe, R13, and Prada. Pair more sophisticated pieces like dresses and skirts with colorful prints to still deliver the all-around boho look.

Bold Statement Jewelry

The ultimate conversation starter is through a bold, statement piece that can almost speak for itself. Not to be mistaken for expensive jewelry, a top fashion jewelry piece can be the seashell headband you found in the souvenir shop. Nothing says wanderlust like a collection of the softest shells from your new favorite beach!

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This trend also includes anything with stones, pearls, coins, etc. Transform an awesome local shop find into an elevated, elegant piece you’ll treasure forever. If you do want to spend a bit more coin, one of our favorite accessories are the colorful and contrasting stones in pieces from Eliou.

Boho Summer Handbags

When it comes to summer fashion trends, a good summer bag is essential. One of our first thoughts is straw totes and bamboo-stick purses. ModaOperandi fashion director Lisa Aiken said it best, “They elicit a vacation mindset, even while using them in the city.” This tropical trend is still seen across the globe, from major cities to villas tucked away overseas.

The craftsmanship is the best part. Bottega Veneta has a new, leather pouch clutch that’s perfect for a daytime or nighttime wardrobe. These bags are a versatile summer staple and can tie your entire look together.

Spruce up a plain, summer maxi-dress with these year-round trend bags. Or watch how this compliments any woven or crochet details you already have going on. Find inexpensive alternatives in stores like Topshop and watch how quickly it’ll become your next favorite summer bag!

Your New Favorite Dress

Out with the usual, modern sundresses and in with the retro-inspired silhouettes! Something that can drape, wrap, tie, knot, and otherwise flow naturally is one of the top trends 2019. It gives a sophisticated look while still creating daytime flexibility.

Think: simple tea dress meets your favorite beach cover-up. These styles reveal a bit of ankle and give off a flirty appeal. It’s a flattering piece with a great length for cute sneakers or chunky sandals.

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The choice is yours if you want your look to inspire calmer or more spontaneous vibes. Find a dress that flows away from your body, similar to a dropped waist. Play around with prints and colors too, ranging from antique florals to more saturated hues.

Supersized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential for completing all summer fashion trends. You want to protect your vision in the hottest way, right? Start by asking to ensure that your next shades are 100 percent UV protected.

Once that’s out of the way, you can say goodbye to all of your modest sunnies. It’s time to re-introduce yourself to big, oversized shades. You know the sunglasses we see professional lawn mowers wearing? Yeah, those.

A pair of 90’s sport oversized shield sunglasses can really kick your look up a notch. Something with a touch of glam like Lady Gaga’s infamous shades is perfect. Grab a pair of colorful Oakleys if you’re feeling extra fierce or buy an all-black version for a more laid back approach.

Cargo Is Back

Wearing cargo is not just for the young and the working — it’s for the fashion-forward, too! Utilitarian themes give your look practicality and uniqueness. Linens, khaki, and cargo are all lightweight layers that are great for hot days where you still need coverage.

Throw on that linen onesie with a comfortable slip-on shoe before your next airport run. Or match a pair of Bermuda shorts with your favorite blouse to also exemplify the trend. You can find out more fashion go-to’s when you’re totally on the go.

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Cargo pants are especially comfortable, cool, and efficient during the summer. Or a khaki boiler suit can be another utilitarian option. It makes for the perfect one-step dressing option when you’re ready to get up and go.

Square Toe Sandals

Before you step out of the door, take a look at those feet. Are your shoes tying together your look? We recommend a good, square-toed shoe to balance everything out.

Their smooth, geometric shapes are perfect when paired with more elegant pieces, adding a masculine touch. It’s also a nice way to show that you’re ready for anything, be it a happy hour or chasing down the last subway train! Try slender shoes with a block heel or square toes for a top fashion look.

Find The Best Summer 2019 Fashion Trends

If you found yourself falling in love with these summer 2019 fashion trends, then why not get shopping? You can start small and get your wish list together, adding the pieces that stand out to you most. Or get a few of these trends jotted down and start building your best summer wardrobe yet. Happy shopping!

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