Dealing With Indigestion Symptoms

Indigestion is commonly known as acid reflux. There are many reasons for an upset stomach including improper eating habits. Some of the main causes for indigestion consist of eating foods that are hard to digest. Eating too fast or having too much food at a meal. Too little water is another cause of indigestion.


Many foods cause indigestion and one of them is spicy foods. Spicy food increases the amount of acid in your stomach and causes indigestion. If you eat spicy foods on a regular basis, then you should start taking some measures to control this so that indigestion does not occur as often. You should try to cut back on spicy foods so that indigestion does not become a problem.

Some of the common medicines used to help reduce the pain from indigestion and the burning feeling are antacids and antibiotics. Antacids work by neutralizing the acid levels in the stomach. They can be taken with meals to help stop indigestion and the discomfort that accompany it. Antacids can also be taken in liquid form to help treat severe indigestion.

Some of the other medications available for treating indigestion and the burning feeling are antacids and antidepressants. Antacids work by neutralizing the acid levels in the digestive tract. Antidepressants are used to treat the symptoms of chronic digestive disorders. Both medications have similar effects, but antidepressants are generally considered safer than antacids.

If the patient finds that there is an increase in the frequency or severity of their indigestion and the episodes don’t respond to traditional treatments, they should visit their family doctor. The doctor will perform a series of tests to determine if the symptoms are caused by a more serious medical problem. If it is determined that indigestion is the cause of the symptoms, then the doctor may prescribe medications to treat the condition. One of these medications is called histamine receptor antagonists.

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Histamine antagonist medications work by blocking the actions of histamine. Histamine is a chemical that occurs naturally in the body and is responsible for the feeling of pain and discomfort that comes with diarrhea, heartburn, and excessive flatulence. Antibiotics can sometimes make the symptoms of indigestion worse, so the doctor may prescribe a combination of both. Once the doctor determines the exact cause of the indigestion, he can prescribe a treatment that is most effective. He might suggest that the patient try a homeopathic remedy first, such as a Hops extract.

There are also natural remedies for indigestion that people have reported having success with. Some of these include drinking large amounts of water after meals, avoiding spicy or citrus foods, eating warm toast or other food, and taking fiber supplements. These measures will relieve the bloating that is associated with indigestion and will often help the person feel full more easily. These measures can be very helpful when the person has to travel or spend a lot of time sitting. For instance, if a person has to stand for long periods of time in the same position, such as doing factory work, then having a stool softener would be a good idea.

Often the person suffering from indigestion is suffering from another condition, such as acid reflux disease, which makes it difficult to keep from feeling full. Acid reflux disease occurs when the valve between the stomach and the esophagus does become damaged, allowing acid from the stomach to leak into the esophagus. This can cause a burning sensation when the person eats. When eating is difficult, this can cause a person to experience indigestion symptoms which often make it difficult to eat at all. Taking the proper measures to avoid indigestion symptoms will help to prevent this from happening.

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