Finding Encouragement


What is encouragement? Encouragement comes in many forms and it is one of the most important elements in effective leadership. Simply put encouragement is having the courage to take a risk or follow our leaders’ example. Sometimes people are afraid to try new things for fear that they may fail. This type of fear can keep people from trying at all.


There are many ways to give encouragement. You can give encouragement by sharing what you have heard from others. Encouragement sentence examples include: I had the pleasure of… I learned how to… I met the man of my dreams…

When you are giving encouragement to someone, consider using “I” to get their attention. Try this if you are leading a team or task force. Each time you “I” use the “you” instead of just “you”.

You can also give encouragement by describing what it was like for you to witness or perform a specific act or event. Describe it in detail, including details such as the emotions you felt and the details about the others involved. It is also a good idea to describe what it felt like for you to witness the event. Sometimes when something so important happens to others, it can seem impossible to find the words to say. If you cannot think of anything else to say simply say that you enjoyed it and hope that others will too.

Encouragement comes in many forms. Simply saying thank you or asking how others are doing can go a long way. When you are in an uplifting situation, such as at a job interview, you can use this sort of encouragement to get the best possible response. The person you are encouraging will likely already feel great about their job.

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There are many other ways that encouragement can help. You might have a hard time getting through a project or task alone. Encourage your friends or family members to get together with you. You may find that having a group of support is much more helpful than simply talking to your friends on your own. Sometimes all it takes is some encouragement from others to get motivated to get things done.

No matter what your situation or level of difficulty, there is always the chance that others will be better suited to your needs than yourself. If you need someone to speak up for you to get through a difficult time, encourage that person. They may even be able to provide some additional encouragement to make it through the tough times. Never turn to alcohol or drugs to help cheer you up or keep you going. It is much healthier and wiser to look for encouragement from others.

Encouragement doesn’t mean that you have to give it to everyone. It is not necessary to say anything bad about anyone to get their attention. In fact, that is one of the worst things that you can do if you give in to the temptation to be critical. People get discouraged when people tell them that they are worthless; so instead of saying anything harsh, why not speak positively and let them know that you care and that you are willing to work hard for them.

When you give others encouragement, they often will start to give you encouragement back. As you continue to move forward with your goals and your dreams, others will begin to give you encouragement. This is a great way to continually push yourself to new heights. You will find that once you let others see just how capable you are, then you will become that much more motivated to accomplish your goals.

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The best place to find encouragement is from those that you know and trust. Your family and friends are the ones who know you best. They have suffered with you in the past and understand what it is like to have a loved one go through a difficult time. They can be there to listen and offer encouragement and sometimes this is enough to keep you on track. It is not easy for anyone to watch someone else suffer but if you know someone close to you has been in your shoes, they will understand what it feels like to suffer and then offer their support. It can be very comforting to have such a source of encouragement.

You don’t need to spend all of your encouragement in person. Sometimes it is even more important to hear from the voicemail or email of someone else because technology can easily take the emphasis away from us. There are many inspirational quotes that can be found throughout the web and in print that offer us encouragement and motivation. Inspirational quotes are often the best source of inspiration because they are usually from personal experience and because they are oftentimes inspiring quotes. Sometimes you will need to look further than your own life in order to find true encouragement and motivation.

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