Temper Tantrum at Age 10

My ten year old daughter still hasn’t outgrown temper tantrums. She was frustrated with her homework this evening and decided she would scream, yell and not listen to her father. She should have just tried her best to complete the homework assignment.

Like most ten year olds my daughter loves to spend time on the computer. When she threw her fit we took computer time away from her. This caused her to scream even more.

She is active on a website called wetpaint.com. On this site users can create web pages together and become “members” of each others sites. My daughter acted like it was the end of the world because she couldn’t use the computer tonight.


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I have learned that every child responds to discipline differently. Some children learn from just being sent to their room while for others going to ones room could be a reward. If you are having difficulty disciplining your child try different things. What does your child enjoy doing? Taking away privileges can work on some children ages 8-teen. If you have younger children try using rewards for good behavior.

When my daughter was 8 we made a princess chart. We used a sheet of poster board and created a “Princess castle.” Her princess moved up the steps when she behaved. When her princess made it to the castle she was able to open a window to find a reward. I used simple things for rewards such as going out for ice cream, or spend $5 on a toy at the store. If she wanted a bigger reward she could save up her windows and get something like a new computer game. For boys you could use a race car. When the car finishes the race he can peel back a tire to find his reward.

We are still working on controlling our ten year old’s temper. I swear sometimes I think she is ten going on sixteen! Good luck to you with your children!

*Note to readers: This article was published in 2007.

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