Consequences – You Can Learn To Handle Them Better


Consequences are something we all must deal with in our daily lives. For example, you might decide one day to lose some weight. You might decide another day to quit smoking. Perhaps a different person decides another day to start exercising more. The list goes on. While these things are positive changes in your life, they do not result in an end result because of what you have decided to do.

A consequence is anything physical or emotional change in your environment after a certain action, which makes the previous action more likely to occur again. In many ways this is similar to money. When I buy something, I know exactly what the price will be, even if I want it now. A consequence is not so tangible and obvious like money. However, in sports, consequences can be very real and very painful.

How much pain will you endure if you continue smoking or lose weight? Will you have cancer in your future? These are all questions which need to be answered. So how do you make changes to your life, which bring about the desired result without getting into too much negative change?

The first step is to recognize that there is a difference between regretting and thinking about what could have been. Many people who have failed at various things in life take life too seriously. They see all the mistakes they have made and immediately come up with solutions. They usually do not realize that they have not done anything to prevent this from happening. In the end, all their actions have simply brought forth what they already had in their subconscious mind.

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The most important thing to realize is that most people would rather do the actions that result in fewer consequences but feel better about themselves, than do the actions that result in bigger consequences. Thus, if they are able to get out of trouble or meet someone new, they will not hesitate to take those steps. However, if they are faced with losing their job or having health problems, they will typically postpone those decisions until they regroup or regain their confidence. That is why the more important the decision is, the more often we delay making it.

You can change your behavior by understanding the difference between regretting and thinking about what could have been. When you find yourself in a situation where you desperately want to do something but cannot, take a look at your own behavior for clues. If you are often ready to regret past decisions and do not see any way out of them, chances are you are not living in a life filled with consequences. You would not accept a situation as a free shot, would you? You would want to know what will happen and when. The same is true of decisions.

Now that you are aware of the difference between regretting and thinking about what could have been, it is time to focus on how you can change your behavior. This means you must make a commitment to change. Once you have committed to something, you are better able to face its consequences. That is very important to your health, happiness, and even your financial well-being. People who are able to face their consequences, even the ones that seem undesirable, are happier than those who can’t. Happiness is a state of full involvement with your world and with yourself.

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Finally, it is not always easy to face your consequences, so you need to learn to take them seriously. That means doing some serious soul searching to determine what is important to you, your values, and your sense of involvement with your life. Once you have made a decision, you need to live up to it. If you do not, your life will be filled with consequences you don’t welcome.

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