10 Unique Last-Minute Gifts for Healthy Moms

Gifts for Healthy Moms

Looking for a unique, thoughtful gift for a healthy mom friend or loved one? One that you can still buy in time for Christmas? We’ve got you covered with a list of our top 10 unique last-minute gifts for healthy moms.

Some are subscriptions and others can easily be found locally. Some gifts are for beautiful (and practical) workout gear. But no matter what you give or receive, the power of being a supportive healthy mom friend is always the best, however, we found some interesting gift ideas at Fairy Glen to make it easier for you.

10 Best Gifts for Healthy Moms

1. Herb Garden Kit

We all know fresh herbs are good for us and taste delicious. But, did you know that they are bonified superfoods that fight disease? It’s true!

Basil, for example, has many whole-body health-benefiting attributes. vbbvBasil:

Basil has many healthful properties that improve skin appearance and health. And what’s more, it and other herbs can directly affect skin health. It:

  • Fights free radicals. Basil contains flavonoids, and they get busy in the body fighting harmful free radicals and oxidative stress. Oxidative stress and inflammation both contribute to the aging of skin, cholesterol plaques, and disease.
  • Supports healthy blood flow:  Basil also contains vitamin A and magnesium. Magnesium specifically improves blood flow by prompting muscles and blood vessels to relax. Every inch of your body benefits from good blood flow, from all organs to heart to brain to skin.

You can make a kit yourself with a beautiful pot, soil, plant food, and herb seeds. Or, buy a kit like one from Burpee.

2. Keto Zone Diet Book and Keto Zone Cookbook

If you have a friend who is ready for a great lifestyle change for overall health, weight loss, mental health, or all-day energy, consider buying her the Keto Zone Diet Book. If she’s already interested in Keto, she’ll find this book to be a lifesaver as she learns about the lifestyle and how to get started, without all the misinformation that often swarms the internet.

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In fact, Keto Zone is a diet proven to promote healthy, efficient weight loss without hunger, targeting the mid-section (this area of fat is most detrimental to health) (12), and provides amazing mental focus and energy.

And what’s more, the Keto Zone Cookbook will make it easy for her to find quick, healthy recipes she’ll love!

3. Cute Cold Weather Headband

Have a friend who likes to run? But also, doesn’t need frost-bitten ears? Of course, you do!

These days, there are many cute choices for running headbands. Take a look at the ones from Athletica, Patagonia, or your favorite online retailer.

Or, if you’re a seasoned knitter, you can likely knit one in an evening that will be cherished for years!

4. Massage Balls

Any mom who’s working out deals with sore muscles on occasion. While a gift certificate to a masseuse would be amazing, it may be out of your friend-gift-budget.

And anyway, busy moms may not always have time for appointments.

Try massage balls instead! You can find smooth ones, spiky ones, or a kit. They are amazing for at-home trigger point therapy (to loosen stubborn cramps and tight muscles), and feel great!

Take a look online or visit your favorite running store for options.

5. Amazon or iTunes Gift Card with Your Favorite Christian Pump-Up Songs for Inspiration

Did you know that music can actually improve workout results? It’s been studied, and the outcomes are favorable for both performance and enjoyment (3)! Whether it’s a home workout, one in a gym, a run, or hike, music makes it better.

And, when you combine great beats with inspirational Christian lyrics, you can truly transform a workout into a life-giving self-care session!

An easy quick gift is an online music gift-card. An incredibly thoughtful one comes with a curated list of amazing Christian pump-up songs as well as customized christian t-shirts!

6. Essential Oil Blends to Fight Cold Viruses, Improve Sleep or provide Muscle Pain Relief

If you’re not familiar with essential oils, they are amazing plant compounds that have a molecular size perfect to penetrate the skin. They can be safely absorbed by the body via skin or respiration.

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And, most smell incredible.

Since there are safety concerns with applying undiluted oils, the easiest option is to buy blends that already include a “carrier” oil such as jojoba, coconut oil, or olive oil (you can find recipes online).

Great options include lavender blends for sleep and reduced anxiety. Lavender has been well-studied and has been shown in research to be an effective anti-anxiety option (4).

Commercial anti-flu and cold blends with frankincense, cloves, and more.

Or, if she’s an athlete who would love sore-muscle relief, look for blends with peppermint or other oils created for muscle massage.

7. Tea Sampler Kit

Teas are great health-promoting drinks, and especially during cold-weather months, they make great gifts.

You can find tea samplers at your favorite health food store, grocer, or online. Or, you can put together a kit with your favorite loose-leaf tea, a tea strainer, and a beautiful mug.

Both green and black teas are known to:

  • Improve metabolism and weight loss
  • Reduce stress and cortisol
  • Promote brain and eye health
  • Improve cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and heart health

This makes tea one of the best gifts for healthy moms!

8. Keto Zone Shakes

Looking for gifts for healthy moms who are also busy moms?

Keto Zone Shakes are a great option. You can give this shake mix and rest assured that it contains ingredients that promote health, healthy weight loss, mental clarity, and energy, without any junk chemical ingredients founds in many shakes.

What’s more, Keto Zone shakes are delicious and come in Cookies and Cream, Vanilla, and Chocolate flavors.

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9. DIY Body Scrub

Homemade self-care products are one of the most thoughtful gifts for healthy moms you can give. There are many recipes online that use every day and readily available ingredients such as salt, sugar, and oils. You can also find ones that add calming essential oils.

What’s more, it truly shows that you wish your friend time they can spend relaxing, even if just 15-20 minutes in a bath.

10. Yoga App Subscription

Did you know that yoga can truly change a healthy moms body and mind? It can. And best of all, it doesn’t have to require the time commitment (and child care) of a class.

There are now great yoga apps you can utilize in your own home, with classes that take as little as 5 minutes.

In 5 minutes, you can improve flexibility, have a quiet time of reflection, and feel lean and strong.

At-home yoga is a life-saver for many healthy moms. You may also give healthy moms Activewear or Chest Binders to complement with this yoga subscription.  

Bottom Line

It’s not too late! You can still give unique last-minute gifts for healthy moms! Whether a friend, family member or idea for yourself, these gifts for healthy moms will show your support and love year-round. And, that’s the best gift of all!

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