What is Bronchitis? – The Symptoms and Treatment

Bronchitis is a general term that is used to describe a range of illnesses that cause inflammation in the air passages. The lung inflammation is caused by virus infections. These viruses are often very specific to the individual.


There are many different types of bronchitis and many symptoms associated with it. The most common form of bronchitis is a chronic bronchitis. This is characterized by very severe cough, swelling in the throat, yellow-green mucus from the nose, wheezing and a constant feeling of exhaustion.

However, there are many short-term bronchitis that are easily cured. The short-term type is often treated as a cold. This is often something that is self-treated and can be avoided.

The common causes of chronic bronchitis are smoke inhalation and poor hygiene. Smoking is very bad for anyone to do and the fact that there are so many people smoking around the world today makes this all the more true. Chronic bronchitis can also be caused by antibiotic and steroid use in some cases.

Bronchitis has been known to cause fever and night sweats. Therefore, the treatment that is recommended is to lower the fever and get rid of the excess sweat. If the fever does not improve then some sort of treatment would have to be taken.

One of the most common things that people who suffer from bronchitis do is cough. This is another symptom that is commonly associated with bronchitis. The coughing normally starts in the morning after waking up or the night before sleeping. Most of the time it has something to do with the nasal passages being blocked and something about the sinuses, which are located on the sides of the nose or the back of the mouth. Mucus that is thick and yellow is usually produced. The mucus can be very difficult to remove. Once the mucus gets into the airways, it may be difficult to remove.

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The symptoms of bronchitis are very different from those of other diseases. It is important to note that the common cold is actually a symptom of bronchitis. The common cold can cause the same symptoms of bronchitis, but it is much easier to treat. Sometimes the symptoms of bronchitis are confused with the common cold.

Although the symptoms of bronchitis are very similar to the common cold, the difference between the two is the severity of the symptoms. The common cold causes a runny nose, the red eyes and generally a cough. The symptoms of bronchitis include long, heavy coughing spells, thickening of the mucus and a general feeling of tiredness.

The main symptom of bronchitis is the loss of energy that is experienced by the person. This is because the person’s respiratory system cannot process and produce enough mucus to keep the lungs functioning properly. This is a huge problem because the lungs have to work harder in order to process the mucus.

The coughing that is common with bronchitis is the production of mucus. Because of this, the discharge that comes out of the body is white in color. This white mucus can cause considerable discomfort to the person that is suffering from bronchitis.

In order to prevent the onset of bronchitis, the person should have a warm atmosphere in their home. In addition, they should be kept as comfortable as possible. As previously mentioned, a cold can be a very effective way to relieve the symptoms of bronchitis. The most important thing that someone should know about bronchitis is that the common cold can be treated and cured with simple home remedies and will not cause any lasting damage to the lungs.

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