5 Ways Shakes Help Busy Moms during the Holidays

The Holidays may be the most wonderful time of year, but for many moms they are also busiest. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, drained and tired during November and December.

If this describes you, and you could use a bit more time and energy during the Holidays, consider replacing one of your meals with a healthy shake.

In fact, Keto Zone Shakes offer amazing nutrition with great, real-food ingredients, and you can make one in just 5 minutes.

Here’s what a Keto Zone Shake provides, and how it supports busy moms during the Holidays.

5 Ways Keto Zone Shakes Help Busy Moms during the Holidays

1. Keto Zone Shakes Contain Healthy Fats for Overall Health and Wellness

The Keto Zone is based on healthy fats. The Keto Zone Shake contains MCT oil powder and avocado oil powder. Both are great for health and lasting energy. Keto Zone Shakes’ healthy fats:

  1. Promote weight loss while keeping you feeling full. In fact, a high-fat diet helps you stay satisfied and satiated even when losing weight (1).
  2. Targets abdominal fat. Many moms struggle with losing stubborn abdominal fat. Keto Zone Shakes’ fats promote abdominal fat loss, especially compared to high-carbohydrate diets. Not only will this help you meet your weight goals, it will improve whole-body health and reduce risk of chronic disease (23).
  3. Provide the substrates for ketosis. If you are using Keto Zone as a diet and lifestyle, you need healthy fats to enter the Keto Zones. The fats in the Keto Zone Shake are perfect for ketosis and also work as brain fuel for clarity, focus, and improved brain health (4).
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Keto Zone Shakes work for busy moms during the Holidays by helping her look her best and feel fantastic.

2. Whole Food Fibers for Healthy Digestion and Lasting Energy

Fiber is important in any diet. When you’re too busy to sit down for a meal, though, it’s important to still consume foods that promote health and keep you feeling full for hours.

Along with healthy fats, Keto Zone fibers are energizing and satisfying. In fact, they promote digestive, metabolic, heart, and immune function health while supporting weight loss.

Each serving of Keto Zone Shake include 8 grams of fiber! These fibers are derived from sweet potato fiber and chicory root, a fructooligosaccharide (FOS). Fructooligosaccharides are very important in the body and support healthy bacteria colonies in the gut, which play a role in whole body health and immune function (567).

3. Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients to Fight Free Radicals

Many moms are constantly on the go. Unfortunately, free radicals from all our body’s biochemical reactions, the environment, our foods, and more can build up as harmful oxidative stress in the body.

It’s crucial to consume antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients to fight the free radicals and restore health to our cells and tissues.

Keto Zone Shakes are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods. In fact, they contain:

  • Sweet Potato Powder: Sweet potatoes provide a strong antioxidant, beta-carotene. Their nutrients and fiber promote gut health, supports healthy vision, contain cancer-fighting properties, enhance brain function and support the immune system.
  • Blueberry and Strawberry Powder: Berries are considered some of the best antioxidants foods in our diets, and 2 kinds of berries are in the Keto Zone Shakes. Their anthocyanins target free radicals and promote balance and health to our cells.
  • Avocado Oil Powder: Not only do avocados contain healthy fats, they are loaded with both antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Avocados fight metabolic syndrome and reduce inflammation (8).
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Every time you drink a Keto Zone Shake, you’re drinking 4-5 nutrient-loaded fruits and vegetables!

4. Bioavailable Protein for Lean Muscle

The protein sources in Keto Zone Shakes are incredibly bioavailable. This means they are easily absorbed and used by the human body.

Keto Zone Shakes contain whey protein isolate, one of the best proteins available in powdered form. Whey is special because it provides amino acids that work quickly to repair muscles and cells. They are easy to digest, even for those who have trouble with other intact milk proteins.

Keto Zone Shakes help busy moms by promoting lean muscle growth and cellular repair with protein.

5. Delicious Flavors

What benefit are all these nutrients if you hate the taste and won’t drink the Shake? None.

But fortunately, Keto Zone Shakes are delicious and easy mix. Unlike many other shakes, they are not chalky, too thick, or bitter.

Instead, Keto Zone Shakes deliver all these great nutrients in delicious formulations. Try French Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, and Rich Chocolate today.

Bottom Line

If you’ve only got 5 minutes for a meal, but need all the nutrients and energy you can get, look to Keto Zone Shakes for one of your meals. As a mom, you have many demands on your time all year, but even more during the Holidays. This year, keep up with your kids, the programs, the shopping, the cooking and more with energizing Keto Zone Shakes.

Keto Zone Shakes help busy moms in many ways, but most importantly, they help you take care of yourself as you take care of everything, and everyone else.

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