Thoughtful Ways to Show Your Parents You Appreciate Them

Thoughtful Ways to Show Your Parents You Appreciate Them

We can never underestimate the things our parents do for us. From the time we’re born, they give us their love, advice, and unwavering support. These gifts don’t end once we turn eighteen—our parents are invested in us throughout the entire duration of our lives. As such, we should show our parents how much we appreciate everything they’ve given us—it’s our turn to step up to the plate and give back. To do this, follow some of our thoughtful tips on how to show your parents you appreciate them.

1. Tidy Their Home

Your parents likely cleaned up after you when you were young, and now you should do the same. When you visit your parents, take the time to vacuum the floor or do the dishes. Give them a rest so that they can concentrate on doing something that makes them happy.

2. Make Them a Meal

Cooking meals for you is another thing your parents did for years. Even if cooking is something they enjoy, they probably wouldn’t refuse a break from it. Take a night to make your parents’ favorite meal; go the extra mile and prepare an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert.

3. Have a Party

If a notable event such as an anniversary or birthday is coming up, throw your parents a party. Depending on your parents’ preferences, this can be an intimate gathering or a full-on bash. Get together a group of people who love and appreciate your parents and dedicate the day to celebrating them. Round out the event with a cake and a thoughtful gift. Personalize the gift to further show your appreciation.

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4. Call Them Regularly

Your parents want to know what’s going on in your life, and they’d likely love to hear it more than once every few months. Even if you’re busy, make the time to call your parents regularly and fill them in on the current events in your life. Be sure to ask what they’re up to as well.

5. Listen to Them

One of the most important things we can do is listen. In the modern age of technology, however, we often neglect to give people our full attention, even when they’re telling us something important. Don’t try to multitask when you call your parents, and if you talk to them in person, put your phone away so that you can truly take in what they’re saying.

6. Plan a Day Together

Plan a day for just you and your parents to spend together. Get some food, take a walk in the park, or see a movie. Whatever you decide to do, you’re giving your parents the quality time they deserve—and that both of you will cherish.

7. Tell Them

One of the best ways to let your parents know how much you love and appreciate them is to simply tell them. Your parents will undoubtedly love your gifts or homemade meals, but your happiness is ultimately what’s most important to them. Be open with your emotions and take the time to tell them regularly what they mean to you. Remember, you’re one of the most important people in their life—and they are some of yours.

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