What is Child Abuse?

What is Child Abuse? Child abuse occurs when someone, usually the parent, abuses a physically or emotionally vulnerable child. The abuse may include hitting, slapping, or beating a child with a clenched fist, a belt buckle, or a blunt object.

child abuse

Physical Abuse occurs when an adult hits a child in any way to physically harm him/her. This form of abuse includes anything from slapping, punching, kicking, choking, shoving, hitting with an object, or even slapping a child so hard that the child will suffer serious injuries. If a parent doesn’t want their child to suffer physical abuse, then it’s important that they learn to recognize the signs of abuse. Here are some common signs of physical abuse:

Screaming: Screaming when you are disciplining your child can be very disturbing and hard to understand if the child is very young. A child may be screaming for no reason, or crying because he/she is hurting himself or herself. However, the problem is that if the parent is not aware of the reason for the screaming, then the child may continue his/her cry for hours until the parent discovers the reason why the child is screaming.

Ear Waxing: Usually children who have undergone ear waxing will still scream after they have been waxed. If the wax continues to come out of the child’s ears even after the wax has been removed, it is likely that the child has been waxed because the child is still unaware of why he/she is screaming.

Biting: Many times children who are abused can bite their parent or another child at times. The reason for this behavior is to get attention, but the child may also be afraid of getting hurt and does this to make himself/herself look smaller.

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Fighting: If children have problems at home, then it is possible that they are being subjected to physical violence or are acting out during fights with other children. It may be hard for parents to tell if their children are being abused, because children often fight to get attention. Therefore, many times parents are unaware of any signs of physical abuse.

Sexual Abuse: Another sign that a parent may not know about is sexual abuse, if the sexual abuse has happened while a family member is present. In this case, the victim will always act as if the abuser is still around. And will make the abuser believe that he/she is still in control of the situation and will never leave.

It’s important to note that not all signs of child abuse happen at once. If one or more of these signs is present, then it is very important for the parents to contact a law enforcement agency and have an investigator to talk to the child, his/her teachers and any other individuals that may have witnessed the abuse.

Child Behavior Disorder: If the child’s behavior is consistently inappropriate and they do not understand why they are doing what they are doing, it is likely that the child has a disorder that needs treatment. Children with these disorders can be very difficult to help and there may not be a lot that the parents can do to stop the disorder.

The abuse often begins at home. The child may be physically abused, mentally abused, emotionally abused, verbally abused, or financially abused. The abuse can continue into adulthood if the child does not receive treatment.

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If the child’s treatment is not successful, then the child may have to go through counseling to deal with the abuse. The child may be sent to live with a relative or foster parent, or may be placed in an orphanage where the child can live with people who are more familiar to them.

Child abuse and neglect have been known to continue throughout the lives of children, especially in the later years of their life. The best way to ensure that children are treated with respect and dignity is for the parents to make sure that the parents understand what the signs of child abuse are.

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