UN CLIMATE CHANGE REPORT: Earth Warming, Glaciers Melting, Sea Levels Rising Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

UN Climate Change Report

I have always believed that the whole climate change thing that the left promotes is a hoax.  Leading scientists and climatologists state that the world’s climate has been changing for centuries.  There is no proof that the actions of humans have caused it either.

God created this beautiful earth and all the creatures on it for us. We have a duty to take care of our planet. But, climate change is not the greatest threat we are facing today.

The following article by Real Joe Sixpack explains the truth behind the  UN Climate Change Report.

Cascia Talbert – Founder Healthy Moms Magazine


Earth Warming, Glaciers Melting, Sea Levels Rising

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

By Real Joe Sixpack

According to a United Nations report, the earth is warming, and sea levels are rising from glaciers melting in Antarctica, as well as in the northern nation President Trump is trying to buy: Greenland!

There hasn’t been such concern over a potential environmental emergency since, well, since Dorothy, the Tinman, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion walked through the forest with trees that talked.

I host an online Talk Show where I interview experts on a myriad of topics including so-called Climate Change. After listening to these Socialist-minded environmental fear mongers rattle on, the conclusion I have that the only rational fear of climate change is that it might stop changing.

Imagine, if you will, what might happen if people around the world actually took this most recent U.N. report on Climate Change seriously, and the world collectively agreed to let the U.N. inflict a world Climate Tax on them, giving trillions of dollars U.N.-crony scientists trillions of dollars to stop our climate from changing. I can hear it now: “We’ve succeeded in stopping the climate from changing. It’s now the same temperature everywhere on earth form Antarctica to the Equator to The North Pole!

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And if this ‘success’ were really to happen, I’d be quaking in my boots, looking for another planet, one with seasons that change and while I’m at it, a world without crazy scientists or loony liberals who would even mess with such a project.

A climate that doesn’t change is totally unnatural. It’s great to see the colors change in Fall and to wait for the ice to melt in Spring—glaciers included, from time to time. It’s all been working here on good ol’ earth for a long time and it is the utmost in arrogance to believer little-old-man has changed those cycles that have been going on for ions.

But if we examine the history of the hysterical liberal environmentalists, Socialists and Communists first they warned of the Great Cooling. Decades later when it didn’t come, they warned of Global Warming.

I think the big climactic shift in their philosophy came shortly after there was a widespread picture of huge snowstorm at the entrance of their Global Warming convention, killing what little credibility they might have had even with ‘true believers.’ So, what’s a bunch of discredited scientists to do? They created a new Boogeyman called ‘Climate Change.’ Now if it gets hot, blame those dirty air-polluting capitalists. And if the weather gets cold, blame Trump or Sean Hannity or Exxon.

It’s all nonsensical and just an excuse to push through an ever more radical Socialist agenda. Socialists, Communists and other enemies of free markets will seize any opportunity they can to try to divide and conquer. Karl Marx and other Communist leaders would always try to stir up trouble between the so-called haves and have nots. Racial division, economic differences, any excuse to pit people against each other to advance their entry-level causes leading toward their main cause to have a global socialist government. And their sought-after ‘utopia’ is one without freedom, without the ability to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and for everything to be owned by big government. Their enemies are the United States Constitution, the right to bear arms, property ownership, and free markets.

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People ask, “Aren’t you concerned about the sea levels rising? Give me a break. The ocean tides change daily. They are called ‘tidal changes.’ But it’s the moon causing that. And whatever shred of truth there might be from the lunatic conclusions the so-called scientists at the UN have made accusing mankind (and presumably women also) of being responsible for changing ocean levels, you can put that blame in a thimble compared to what the moon does daily to our oceans. It’s all imaginary, with fabricated facts, leading to a fabricated crisis and just an excuse to destroy free markets and to tax the world.

Because Socialist and socialist-minded people continually pedal myths and fear, I wrote the definitive book “Socialism Sucks Your Money from Your Pocket” to expose Socialism for the scam it is, robbing from the rich in the name of science or any other excuse they have to take control of our money and our lives.

In the old days, when your stagecoach was robbed, at least the bandits had the decency to give you a choice: “Your money or your life.” Today’s political class wants both: your money and your life.

About Joe Sixpack

Joe Sixpack is the author of the book Socialism Sucks Your Money from Your Pocket and publisher of the social media page Real Joe Sixpack.

Joe was born into a lower middle-class family in the late 1960’s, a bouncing bundle of joy for Mr. and Mrs. Sixpack. Joe’s parents raised him on a heavy dose of common sense. At the time, common sense was far more common than it is today. In fact, today, common sense is actually controversial. When you use it, you’re actually stirring the pot. As a young adult, Joe graduated from the school of hard knocks. While he rebelled against authority in his youth, he simultaneously respected the laws of the land (well, at least the ones that made sense). While Joe never started a fight, he finished each one. Through hard work, Joe was able to elevate himself into a modest upper middle-class existence. Each day, Joe strives to improve his lot in life by utilizing the capitalist system that is the free market. He never seeks handouts. You could do much worse than emulating this guy. Joe loves God, country, classic cars, shooting guns and rock ‘n roll.

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