Homeopathy Works For A Wide Range Of Health Conditions

Homeopathy or homeopathic is a form of alternative medical practice that arose in the late eighteenth century from the German physician, Samuel Hahnemann. In 1796, Hahnemann developed what is now known as homeopathy, which stands for ‘home and natural’. He believed there were distinct types of matter (form) that could be administered to different people according to their temperament. These different kinds of matter could then act as a remedy to various diseases. This practice has grown in popularity ever since. In particular, it has gained acceptance among skeptics who doubt the effectiveness of modern medicines.


Although homeopathy has some merits as a method of healing, it also faces many criticisms. The biggest problem with homeopathy is its use of natural substances rather than those that are chemically engineered. Because the substances are organic, homeopathy has to be used carefully. It should never be confused with conventional medicine where drugs are synthesized and administered. Also, homeopathic remedies cannot be taken directly from health situations but must be diluted with water.

Most health conditions can be treated effectively using homeopathic remedies. However, homeopathy requires a lot of dedication on the part of the practitioner. Homeopathy requires regular assessment and consultation regarding any changes in health conditions. A homeopathic treatment may not be appropriate for a certain health condition unless all other available treatments have been ruled out. For instance, homeopathy may not be recommended for diabetes because it may produce a complication.

However, many people think that homeopathy is nothing more than a new version of conventional medicine. This may be partly true. It aims to provide solutions to patients through a holistic approach. Many people also believe that a mixture of drugs and homeopathy can produce better results than conventional treatments. There are people who would even go as far as to say that homeopathy can treat any and every health condition, without subjecting the patient to any risk or potential side effects.

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However, while homeopathy can indeed treat health conditions, it cannot make any claim as to the efficacy of the original substance. For instance, there is no good-quality evidence that aspirin is effective against flu. The original substance does not have any effect against any disease. Similarly, there is no good-quality evidence that lecithin oil is effective against either cholesterol or triglycerides.

It is not possible for homeopathy to establish the reliability of the original substance. For this reason, homeopathy practitioners are often asked to dilute their original substances with dilutions above the strengths recommended by homeopathic physicians. Homeopathy physicians will often recommend dilutions of twenty parts per million (PPM) for mild to moderate diseases. In the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), homeopathy physicians are required to obtain a letter from the local pharmacist stating that the homeopathy doctor informed them that the homeopathy medicine was diluted in accordance with good-quality evidence.

Dilution is also used to treat a range of health conditions. In fact, homeopathy practitioners prefer to use dilutions of one part per million (PPM) rather than the recommended five parts per million (5PPM). Homeopathy practitioners also choose not to use dilutions beyond the recommended strength, as dilution makes little difference to the treatment. Many homeopathic practitioners also dilute their preparations with vegetable oils, herbs, organic salts, or other diluting agents. Homeopathy doctors commonly dilute their preparations with alcohol but strictly regulate the dilution process to ensure that the highest quality of medication is achieved.

There are many reputable homeopathic practitioners who treat a wide variety of health conditions and who are trusted by thousands of people worldwide. Homeopathy works very well for many people. If you are considering homeopathy for a treatment to relieve your symptoms, check with your physician and homeopath to see if homeopathy is right for you. Do some research on homeopathic remedies online and read about the various homeopathic remedies available. You may find that homeopathy can help you get the relief you need.

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