Andrea Crawley


Health Benefits of Fenugreek

Fenugreek (Fennel Seed) is used to treat several conditions. In folk medicine it is used for pain relief, as well as used for digestive concerns. Some other conditions, it may be useful for include inflammation, constipation, blood circulation problems, colds, and influenza, neuralgia (painful muscle spasms), rheumatism, as well as yeast infections. Many of the […]

back to school shopping

How to Have an Enjoyable Back to School Shopping Experience

Whether your child is in first grade or tenth grade, back to school shopping must-haves are an important part of back to school activities. Any child will need a back to school shopping list, even if they have already made their back to school supplies purchases. Regardless of what age your children are, there is […]


Hormones and the Endocrine Gland

A hormone is any of a large class of multiprotein signaling molecules in multicellular systems, which are transported from one end of an organ to another in order to regulate physiological function and behavior. Hormones are needed for the proper growth of plants, animals, and sometimes even fungi. Many hormones are secreted by glands and […]

child abuse

Recognizing Child Abuse

Child abuse is not just limited to physical violence aimed at a child under the age of 12. It is also any sort of psychological abuse by an adult, which usually is physically or psychologically abusive for the child. This includes emotional abuse. When child abuse takes place at home and often the perpetrator is, […]