5 Mistakes to Avoid When Having Fun in the Sun

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Having Fun in the Sun

(BPT) – Spending time outside is what makes summer so enjoyable. Whether you plan to spend a day at the pool, mill about a music festival or relax at a family barbecue, everyone looks forward to a beautiful, sunny day. Before you head out, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen! Leading dermatologists everywhere recommend that […]

5 hard-to-clean items in your children's room

Tips for Sanitizing 5 Hard-to-Clean Items in Your Children’s Rooms

(BPT) – Every parent knows that keeping kids’ rooms — and their stuff — sanitary can seem like a losing battle. Between the playdates, trips to the park and going back-and-forth from school to home, parents also worry about the amount of not just dirt, but also potentially harmful bacteria, living on all the toys, […]

Properly Fit Football Helmet

New Technology Strives to Ensure a Properly Fit Football Helmet For Every Player

(BPT) – The NFL receives the highest television ratings of all pro sports, and football continues to have the highest rates of participation for high school boys in the country (compared to other sports), yet the dangers of playing the game have never been more visible. As a result, parents are hesitant to give their […]

healthy spring lawn

5 Steps to a Healthy Spring Lawn

(BPT) – After a long winter, it’s finally time to enjoy the outdoors again. For a healthy yard all season, it’s important to do a little “spring cleaning” now for a lush, green lawn. If the work seems overwhelming, projects can be accomplished over several weekends. You can even change your landscape design and add […]