Cascia Talbert

Elminiate Household Odors with Fresh Wave Multi-Purpose Additive

As a parent of four messy children and two cats I know how difficult it can be to keep a home smelling nice and fresh. When I have guests in my home I don’t want them to think that I am a poor housekeeper because of the lingering smell of dirty kids and pets. I’ve […]

The Changing Role of Grandparents.

As more and more families are separating and becoming estranged so increasingly grandparents are being relied upon to step in and provide financial, emotional and practical support. In some families both parents may be working, either by choice or necessity. Help can be needed in either a hands on way, like with childcare or practical […]

Busy Mom Fitness and Recipes

Busy Mom Fitness by Baby Bump Fitness As we had been having such lovely weather last week I was able to fit a 15 minute “back deck” fat loss workout in outside, before racing off to pick up the girls from school and daycare. I felt energized and really worked up a good sweat. My […]

The Yo Gabba, Gabbas

Does your child have a favorite toy? Sometimes kids get so attached to their toys that they seem real. My son’s “Yo Gabba, Gabbas” or what he calls them the “Yo, Yo Gabbas” go everywhere with him and in his eyes they are real.If you haven’t heard of the kids television show, Yo Gabba Gabba […]