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What Is Hand Foot and Mouth Disease?

What Is Hand Foot and Mouth Disease? Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, also known as Foot and Mouth disease, is a viral disease that has been identified as the most common infectious disease. There is a vaccine to prevent the disease, but many people have had bad reactions from the vaccine so they continue to […]

What is Bronchitis? – The Symptoms and Treatment

Bronchitis is a general term that is used to describe a range of illnesses that cause inflammation in the air passages. The lung inflammation is caused by virus infections. These viruses are often very specific to the individual. There are many different types of bronchitis and many symptoms associated with it. The most common form […]


No One Expects to be Bitten by a Snake

Health care emergencies can devastate a family financially.  Some hospitals charge more than the cost of a one night stay at a five star hotel for overnight care.  To ease the financial burden of health care costs more people are joining health care sharing communities.  If you are concerned about the rising costs of health […]

Murder of Bible Translator in Cameroon

Murder of Bible Translator in Cameroon Is Further Evidence of Need for U.S. Special Envoy in That Region

Save the Persecuted Christians Calls on Law Firm Squire Patton Boggs to Cease Representation of Cameroon and Others That Commit Atrocious Religious Liberty Violations WASHINGTON—The Christian Post reported a gruesome and heart-breaking atrocity yesterday—that a Wycliffe Bible translator was murdered with a machete in Cameroon over the weekend. “Angus Abraham Fung was among seven people said to […]