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Dan Celia

Dan Celia Calls on Christians to Stop Supporting Evil With Their Investments

Biblical Stewardship Authority Says Tens of Thousands of Christians Are Choosing to Invest Billions of Dollars in Corporations That Don’t Conflict With Their Faith PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—A foremost authority and trusted expert on biblically responsible investing, nationally syndicated host Dan Celia says he has seen a dramatic increase in the number of investors who want to […]

Save the Persecuted Christians

Save the Persecuted Christians Remembers Slaughter of Pakistani Christians 10 Years Ago

Those Who Serve Christ Are No Safer Today, Advocates Say WASHINGTON—On Aug. 1, 2009, a mob of hundreds of extremists attacked Christian homes in the Gojra town in the Punjab province of Pakistan, setting hundreds of houses aflame and burning Christians alive. The dead included four women and a child. The Gojra attacks a decade ago […]

Back to School

Turn Your Child’s School Photo Into a Beautiful Canvas Print

Back to school season is here.  Some schools have already begun. Most American families are counting down the days until the first day of school.  Busy moms have their to-do lists before school starts. If your child has already started school this year you may have gotten a notice about school photos.  You may look […]

Identifying and Treating Bronchitis in Kids

Identifying and Treating Bronchitis in Kids

No one likes to see his or her children get sick but when it comes to helping them recover, knowledge is power. Bronchitis is an illness that can affect people of all ages so it’s good to be able to recognize the symptoms in your child before it turns into a more severe infection. Below […]